Tuesday, July 10, 2012


"Pinikpikan in this part of the town. This is a picnic along the coast of Caba, La Union"

-my pagna pagna-

Here are some of the pictures taken during a day out with friends @ Caba, La Union.
They call the place "pasis land". I hope I spelled or got that right. It's along the seashore and beside it is a land locked body of water serving as fish pens.

 We had some "Pinikpikan" - a chicken with its feathers removed by burning, its blood not drained to give a distinct taste and cooked like a "tinola" (a souped chicken dish) but with simpler ingredients plus "Etag" (a cured/aged  salted pork meat) which makes the soup nuttier. 

Local children look through bamboo fences and wonder as "pinikpikan" is prepared.


At moonlit night, armed with shovel and flashlight, we wondered at the shore catching "tarukoy" crabs that burrows along the sands, it's a run-for-it or dig-for-it situation. After which we settled for a pail buried just to the rim and put some cooked rice inside, in this case the crabs goes down and can never go up to those slippery walls of the pail . We got almost a pail of crabs in the morning, cooked and ate them for breakfast together with fried fish.

The experience was great. Had some jump shots in the morning!

-end of pagnapagna-

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