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Banaue, Ifugao fet. Batad Rice Terraces

"This place is a marvel. The art of terracing the mountains is theirs since 2,000 years ago"

-my pagnapagna-
(October 2012)

From San Fernando City, La Union, we took a bus bound for Baguio CityKMS Bus Line (ordinary with no aircon) are parked just across the Rizal Monument near Burnham Park. This bus bound for Banaue departs at around 9 o'clock in the evening via Ambuklao, had stop-over in Nueva Vizcaya and arrives in Banaue around 5 o'clock early in the morning. Fare rate - around 330 pesos. At downtown Banaue you could take a tricycle ride 2 to 3 kilometers going to the different viewpoints to see the BANAUE RICE TERRACES.
A jeep travels everyday from Banaue to Saddle Point, Batad but if you can't wait and it's too early in the morning, try a 40 minutes tricycle ride on mostly rough road (some parts are under construction) going to the junction (Banaue-Mayoyao-Potia-Isabela road and Saddle Point Access road) and may charge you up to 400 pesos depending on how you bargain with it (Later on i've learned that the suggested fare is around 200-250 pesos). It can't go up further to the Saddle Point for the steep and rugged road (as of writing). From the junction take a 9 kilometer uphill hike to Saddle Point and you could have some refreshments there (at higher price). Souvenir items are available and might as well ask for a "guide"
Consider renting a hiking / walking stick as it helps lighten up the travel. 
Now you could continue your hike down to the terraces for at least an hour depending upon your pace. I think I saw two more souvenir shops along the trail.
Arrived at the Village, we were asked to register at a booth and from there we saw the "amphitheatre-like" stone walled BATAD RICE TERRACES. 
If you consider having an overnight stay, you can choose from many inns in the area. We stayed at Ramon Home Stay & Resto and I recommend staying at their traditional ifugao huts (no electricity but you can recharge your cellphones etc. at the main house). Keep in mind that the only jeep going to Banaue town proper from Saddle Point is 9 o'clock in the morning.(We were told that you can hike to the junction at Banaue-Mayoyao-Potia-Isabela road and wait for bus or jeep going to Banaue  - have to verify this one).
Hiking across Batad Rice Terraces to the other side where there is a waiting shed then hiking again going down on a trail will lead you to the Tappiyah Falls (Tappia). It's hidden behind the mountain at the back of the Rice Terraces, just be careful on the steep path. You can enjoy the falls from just sitting on a shed or go down for a closer encounter. You can see a rainbow when sun shines at the falls at a certain time of the day.
When going back, although a little bit hectic, if you arrived late and did not catch the bus or arrived at Banaue town proper too early, consider having "cutting trips". From Banaue get a jeep going to Lagawe then from there ride another jeep going to Solano. At Solano take a van going back to Baguio or take a bus going to Manila wherever your destination might be.
From "Saddle Point" we hiked down to the Terraces for almost an hour.
After traversing the Rice Terraces, hikers hikes down again to the waterfalls below.
Tappiyah Falls (Tappia)
At RAMON HOME STAY & RESTO, Batad, Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines
For your photo souvenirs, 
you can dress like the traditional Ifugaos 
Some of the "things" at the RAMON HOME STAY & RESTO.
Batad Rice Terraces, Batad, Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines
Batad Rice Terraces as seen from Ramon Home Stay & Resto.
The Grand Amphitheatre like  Batad Rice Terraces. 
Here in this shed you can buy softdrinks (priced at around 40pesos per bottle) 
and it is in here where you hike down to Tappiyah Falls (Tappia).
(Photos from top clockwise)  
1)Top load on a jeep at Saddle point . 2) Downtown Banaue. 
3) Along the way to Batad. 
4)Top loading on top of a jeep. 5) Registration area at Batad Rice Terraces
Lovers enjoy the scenic view of Banaue Rice Terraces
-end of pagnapagna-

A video of Tappiyah Falls

Batad , Banaue, Ifugao
3601 Philippines
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