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SAGADA .. sidetrip

"This place is a haven for backpackers and travelers alike"

-my pagnapagna-

The morning was very cold that 28th day of December 2012. I must confess I didn't dare to take a bath that day (did I just wrote that? Just pretend I did not ☺).  
We stayed at the house of my friend’s grandmother. This is still in Besao, Mountain Province particularly at barangay Besao West (See my earlier Blogpost for BESAO).
Off we went, going up to the road above called “Loblobocan”. From where we stood, around 50 meters away, the bus terminal can be seen. Unfortunately, the 7 o’clock morning bus (bound for Baguio that passes through Sagada) have already left so we rode a tricycle going to Besao town proper and took a jeep bound for Bontoc which also passes by Sagada. Along the way, the jeep got filled with passengers. To accommodate more passengers, I went “top loading” while my companion stood outside at the end of the jeep- clinging. Braving the very cold wind, I got some nice view up there.
Arriving at Sagada town proper, we went looking for a place to eat. Afterwards we went to register at the Municipal Hall. There were so many tourists from all walks of life cueing in line at the registration area. From the many list of things to do, we chose:

(3 to 4 hours caving)
Fee:  800 pesos
- Sugong Hanging coffins viewpoint
- Lumiang Burial Cave entry point
- Sumaging Cave exit point
- Rice Terraces viewpoint

We paid 70 pesos (environmental fee for two) at the registration booth (the 800 pesos will be given to the Guide after the caving). Our “Guide” came and I got a ziploc for the camera and cellular phones for water-proofing. Our guide offered us if we want to hire a ride for 400 (cashing! Went in my head) which I refused (to deliver and fetch us at the cave at that price is a little bit High for me …. And I want to walk and hike… much healthier it is just some 1 to 2 kilometers walk if I’m not mistaken).

Our First Stop was the Sugong Hanging coffins viewpoint.

Sugong Hanging Coffins

Across the road was a store where our guide prepared his paraffin lamp (popularly known as Petromax). Hiked some more along the road then went off road going down to the Lumiang Burial cave entry point. 

at Lumiang Burial cave entry point

So we did our spelunking and our guide showed us the inside of the cave. 

There were some bats on the ceiling, some rock formations along the way, a dance hall and flowing cold waters. We removed our shoes to gain more traction on the cold stones, we crawled at narrow passages, cling to the walls at many points, and strategically placing your feet at strategic places as not to fall, until we reached Sumaging exit point at 12:45 pm. 

 We walked our way back to town to eat after paying our guide (hmmm.. i am not at ease with our guide, he seems to be in such a hurry).

Protestant Episcopal Church

        Around 2 o’clock, on our own without the guide, we went to see the Hanging coffins at Echo Valley passing by the Protestant Episcopal Church and a cemetery. 

Hanging Coffins at Echo Valley

 After an hour or so, we took a bus that was bound for Besao so we could go down to Lake Danum . Then we hiked back to barangay Besao West as told in my blog entry Besao.

-end of pagnapagna-  

Subject   : Sagada
Location : Municipality of Sagada
                Province of Mountain Province

How to get there:

From Baguio City, take a 6 hours bus ride bound for Sagada or Besao. Lizardo Bus usually ply the route and their terminal is located at the back of Baguio Center Mall and it is just beside Dangwa Bus Station.

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