Sunday, February 3, 2013


"What is so exciting about my short travel today is that it involves meeting a giant living thing.
Aged by time, standing as a mute witness to what is happening to this part of the world. It clearly claims his territory with his majestic heavy arms widespread defining his territory. This is the La Union “Centennial Tree”, an Acacia tree that rooted more than a century ago"

-my pagnapagna-

My travel begins with a mini bus ride from downtown San Fernando, La Union to downtown Bacnotan. It is a Sunday and it is a “market day” in Bacnotan . I did some frolic at the market then had a 20 minutes tricycle ride (for about 80 pesos) passing by barangays Bulala, Cabarsican, Tamucalao, Galongen, Quirino then turned north to Ballogo (before going to the Cement Factory), Ubbog then finally Carcarmay Elementary School (where the Centennial Tree is located). I politely asked permission from the people around if I can enter the school grounds to look at the tree, and i got a nod with a smile. There at the center of the school grounds is the “Centennial Tree” with almost no leaves (I think it is changing its leaves to new ones). It's branches are so pronounced, zigzagging like an octopus’ arms or a lighting frozen in time. As it grows, the older branches extend away from its trunk and due to its own weight droops at arms’ reach (at some point almost only five feet from the ground). These drooping branches when you touch them and give it a shake the tree comes alive and I can imagine what happens during a typhoon, it must looked like an inverted wild octopus on a rage (ahhh! wild imagination). After enjoying the tree and got some photographs, i decided to hike back. While walking some few hundred meters, a tricycle stopped and said in Iloco (Ilocano) “umay kan” which means “come” and have a ride. I had some short sleep last night and I’m a little bit sleepy so I took the backseat ride and it’s a free ride, a good gesture from the locals (thanked the driver). Arriving at the Junction of Ballogo, I had snack at a local store and afterwards rode a jeep going back to downtown Bacnotan via Bitalag junction. From Bacnotan, i went back to Home Sweet Home.
Love for nature is the only thing you need to appreciate such a God’s creation.

-end of pagnapagna- 

Subject   : CENTENNIAL TREE of La Union
Location : Barangay Carcarmay
                 Municipality of Bacnotan
                 Province of La Union

How to get there:
It is easy to find the place because it has a particular location that is Carcarmay Elementary School, Carcarmay, Bacnotan, La Union. And it is accessible to any small land automobiles.

A) From San Fernando City, La Union take a mini-bus bound for northern municipalities such as Candon, Vigan and Laoag. It is a short trip and you have three options:
1.    Get down at "Bitalag Junction" and take a tricycle going to Carcarmay Elementary School.
2.    Get down at Downtown Bacnotan and hire a tricycle going to Carcarmay Elementary School or take a jeepney bound for Paraoir / Darigayos but you have to get down at barangay Ballogo junction, then take a tricycle ride going to Carcarmay Elementary School.
3.    Take a jeep in dowtown Bacnotan (Supermarket area) bound for Paraoir / Darigayos but you have to get down at barangay Ballogo junction and take a tricycle going to Carcarmay Elementary School.
B) From San Fernando City, La Union take a jeepney bound for Paraoir / Darigayos but you have to get down at barangay Ballogo junction. then take a tricycle ride to Carcarmay Elementary School.

If you are coming from Manila, just take the Bus bound for the Northern Provinces or municipalities of Ilocos (San Fernando City-La Union, Candon City, Vigan City, Laoag City) but get down at the Town Plaza of San Fernando or the best would be getting down at the Supermarket of Bacnotan, La Union.
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