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Visiting VINTAR

"A place where once a large bird fly freely in its great skies"
"Good assets Characteristic / Values
Pasantaken - Tell it to everyone
- show it off"
(script taken from an artwork fronting the Municipal Hall)

"Siwawer" - is a high flying black and orange large bird known to fly the skies of Vintar.

Vintar is a municipality located east of Laoag City. 
As far as I am concern, what stuck in my memories of the town is its river, irrigation and rice fields. It is a municipality where its major industry is farming, particularly that of rice.

The Vintar Municipal Hall during early morning

-my pagnapagna-

On my stay at Vintar, Ilocos Norte, I went to see the irrigation dam located further northeast of the town proper. The irrigation dam supplies water to the rice fields. 

Vintar Irrigation Dam where you can also swim in its waters

Along the course of the irrigation canals, various activities are done by the locals. While one uses its waters for taking a bath, some use them for their washing clothes and others tap its water to supply their fish pond to raise tilapia (St. Peter's fish) and catfish among others.

One of the portion of the irrigation canal where some foot bridges are constructed.

At downtown Vintar, beside their Gymnasium/covered auditorium is a park containing a monument with a historical marker.

At the park where at its front is the Historical Marker

Don Florentino "Untin" Camaquin
Vintar Day
December 4
This Historical Marker is dedicated to all the Vintaranians led by 
Don Florentino S. Camaquin who initiated and relentlessly fought 
for the emancipation of Vintar from the 
Municipality of Bacarra on December 4, 1909
-Dedicated this day of December 1993-

The Vintar Church 

Near the park and Municipal Hall is the "Saint Nicholas de Tolentino" Parish Church. It is an old church with simple facade.

Inside the Church

Convent of Vintar
The old convent was constructed by the Spanish Augustinian friars in 1804.
Destroyed by the intensity 7.8 earthquake on August 17, 1983.
Reconstructed through the generous anapions of  German Catholic friends 
and the generous people of Vintar here and abroad under the administration 
of most Rev. Edmundo M. Abaya, D.D., Bishop of Laoag 
and Rev. Damaso Argel, Parish priest.
Inaugurated on February 2, 1985

Relocated and recently constructed near the base of a hill, overlooking the rice fields and far from the downtown Vintar is their Public Supermarket.

The new Vintar Public Supermarket

On that road which passes by their supermarket is where people usually jogs.

Along the road at Barangay Margaay
The ricefields and distant mountains of Vintar
As seen from the river
The former Vintar Municipal Hall
Vintar Municipal Health Office
Some sheds and temporary huts along the banks of Vintar river

Although the town center occupies only a small area, Vintar is the widest in terms of land area in the province of Ilocos Norte, the remaining other areas are compose mainly of farmlands, wide open spaces, clustered barangay centers and mountain forests.

-end of pagnapagna-

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Subject   : VINTAR
Location :  Municipality of Vintar
               Province of Ilocos Norte

How to get there:
From Manila, ride a bus going to Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. 
At Laoag City, take a tricycle ride going to the jeep terminal bound for Vintar located at M.H.del Pilar street corner Don E. Ruiz or just hire the tricycle going to Vintar for around 90 pesos (varies). The jeep fare going to Vintar will cost around 16 pesos.

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