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SiLLag 2013 Poro Point Festival of Lights

Sillag Festival reminds me of this Ilocano song that goes:
"O naraniag a bulan, Un-unnoyko indengam, 
Dayta nasillag a silawmo, Dika kad ipaidam, 
O naraniag a bulan, Sangsangitko indengam, 
Toy nasipnget a lubongko, Inka kad silawan, 
Tapno diak mayyaw-awan"
A song about the light coming from the moon.
I was excited that day to attend the 2nd “Sillag Festival” not only that  it was my first time but because our artists group AGLaUn (Artists Guild of La Union) has an impromptu or let me say a cameo Art Exhibit at the Festival’s Food and Garden Fair.

-my pagnapagna-

Day 01
(March 9, 2013 Saturday)
As I was riding a passenger jeep bound for Poro, from downtown San Fernando at around 5:30 pm, the traffic slowed down and finally at astand still before the intersection of Pensylvania Avenue and Mabini Street (popularly known as “Junction”). The Sillag Fun Run (Sun Set Run for Hope) had already started and from where I sat inside the jeep I can see runners passing by escorted by men in bikes (Fun Cycling Club). We waited for some few minutes for the traffic to move. It is now past 6 o’clock and becoming dark when we arrived at the PPMC (Poro Point Management Corporation) grounds. A giant “SILLAG” sign greeted us as I and all passengers went down from the jeep. Many people are now crowding at the lighted “Sillag” sign taking photographs. At the Garden Show and Food fair grounds, where I lingered the most, some personalities are now arriving. 
Most of the seats in front of the mini stage as well as in front of the PPMC building were then taken. So I just walked my way around the Garden show area (it was also here where we have our paintings exhibited around a central garden with a built-up Lighthouse as central edifice).
I just want to see how it is with our paintings around. 
Yes! I said to myself. Some people are now crowding in every painting and once in awhile taking their photographs with the paintings as their background. Great! Success! I again said to myself. I left the area and went to the finish line area of the fun run. 
Make way! Make way! A man said. The last runner is approaching and it was a woman runner. I held the camera and started taking pictures like a paparazzi. And this was the dramatic part of the scene, after the women finally got to the finish line a man approached her, held her hand and knelt down in front of her (I can’t hear what he said to her as the crowd was cheering and noise was everywhere) but I guess it was a love/marriage proposal. They were both smiling thou and hugging and kissing each other as all photographers took photos including me and they also have a video cameraman. Wow! What a scene.
 I left as my co-artists “Rodel" texted me to join him in the Garden Show and Food Fair/Art exhibit area. Still the area was crowded with people from all walks of life but the program/concert had not started. We started our photo shoot with “Rodel” with all our paintings as background. “Okey” he said “let us see the pictures”….. nuh! To my disbelief, as if the fun just stopped right then and there. I am stunned a little bit numb to what was going on. A disbelief for when we started to playback the pictures it says “NO MEMORY CARD CANNOT PLAY”.
Hahaha! Funny but a little sad going back home that night but I’ll be back the following day for more pictures, this time making sure that a memory card is inserted on the camera.

Day 02
(March 10, 2013 Sunday)
These were some of the photographs taken during the second day of the festival.

One of the contingent group for the street dancing competition  "Jumps" 
as they parade along the street to Thunderbird.
Lighting the "Lanterns of Hope" thanks to the lovely couples who shared the fun with us.
Our group enjoyed lighting  the "Lanterns" 
(inset are the two Chinese looking lovely couple who shared their lanterns with us)
The "Finale" of Fireworks

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Subject   :  SILLAG Festival
Location : Poro Point, City of San Fernando,
                 Province of La Union

How to get there:
From Manila, take any Bus bound for the North which are Laoag, Vigan, Abra, Candon and La Union. Stop at the City plaza of San Fernando City, La Union and take a tricycle ride going to the jeep terminal bound for Poro (just ask the jeep driver if they are going inside ThunderBird area).
Taking a bus from Manila, you may also stop at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers Monument (popularly known as MONUMENTO) at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and the National Highway, San Fernando City, La Union. Then take a tricycle ride going to Poro/ ThunderBird area.

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