Thursday, March 28, 2013

SURFING Lessons, anyone?

"Sun, waves and a board"

I made a list of questions and gave it to one of the group of surfing instructors in San Juan, La Union. Here were their answers:

 Any requirements in learning how to surf: (dress code, age, etc)?
·         -wear your swimming attire - Rush Guard/Shirt, Board shorts/Bikini
·         -must know how to swim
·         -No Age requirements
How much does it cost? and what it includes?
·         -400 Philippine pesos per hour .......200 for Surf Instructor and 200 for rental of Surf   Board
Usually how many hours does one Learns how to surf?
·         -1 hour minimum
Is Surfing Lessons available all year round?
·         -Yes!
How many surfing lessons groups are there in San Juan?
·         -14 groups
How many instructors in each group?
·         -it varies. (Some has 20 instructors like Landrigan's)
Best month to learn Surfing?
·         -from October to  March
Best age to learn surfing?
·         -5 years old
What is the name of your group?
·         -La Union Surf Club
Off peak seasons, where can you be found?
·         -April to June        ..yes (Surfing area..San Juan)
·         -July to  October... Bacnotan or Carlatan (San Fernando City)
Where to stay for BackPackers here in San Juan? Any recommendations?
·         -Homestay with the Locals
Any tips?
·         -use Sunblock
·         -Befriend your instructor

             ----End of Questionnaire----

  * Reminder NO smoking, no eating, no drinking at the surfing zone. Let's keep our beach   clean and green!

One of the Group of Surfing Instructors
Here are the  
Schedule of Activities 2013 of the LA UNION SURF CLUB, INC.
(For the benefit of LUSC Team Riders, Scholars and Their Local Community) 

March 28-31       Summer Chill

April                    Surfer's League
                           Basketball tournament
May 12               Ag Babaket Kan:
                           Mother's Day surf Special
May                    Surfers Summer Olympic
June 9                 Ag Lalakay Kan:
                           Father's Day Surf Special
July-September   South Swell Surf Series
                           Big Wave Competition
October              Surfing Break
November          6th Gremlin Surfing Competition
December           Rimat ti Amianan
                           National Surfing Championships

Location : Surfing Area
                 Barangay of Urbiztondo
                 Municipality of San Juan
                 Province of La Union

How to get there:
From Manila, take a bus going to any of these northern Luzon places namely: Laoag City, Vigan City, Candon City, and Abra. But get down at brgy. Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union. Just say the SURFING AREA in San Juan, La Union.

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