Thursday, June 6, 2013

GILONG KANEP Falls (Lower Cascade)

"On waterfalls, when asked: Looking up from below or looking down from the top? I'll say looking up. That way you can see the entire cascade of the waterfalls"
(Second attempt to go down to the base of the higher waterfall. Our previous attempt : CLICK HERE)

Please practice the leave no trace outdoor ethics when going to these nature places. Let us not vandalize, put graffiti on their rocks and stone walls. Manage and dispose our waste products properly.

-my pagnapagna-

At Candon City, we rode a tricycle specifically bound for the municipality of Salcedo, Ilocos Sur. Their terminal is located beside San Jose Barangay Police Outpost at San Juan Street corner Abaya Street at south of the Candon Civic Center. 
We departed from Candon City at 9:20 am and went down at the drop-off point which is located at Sitio Victory, Barangay Calangcuasan of the municipality of Salcedo at 9:40 am. 
We started our on-road hike at 9:51 am going up the road crossing the hill and going down to an intersection at barangay Kilang of the Municipality of Galimuyod at 10:04 am.
At the intersection, we had our snack at a corner store which is also beside their cooperative store. 
We continued our uphill on-road hiking going to barangay Baracbac (10:30 am). Arriving at a waiting shed, we rested (10:53 am) and asked from a house nearby where is the trail going to the falls below. Walking some few meters away from the waiting shed, we took an off-road trail going to a farm lot below. After few minutes of searching, we finally found the connecting trail going down to the river. We walked along the river and finally arrived at the base of the waterfalls at 11:06 am.
Because it was summer, few amount of water were falling from above. From time to time, small rocks and soil particles also fell from the unstable mountain slope at the left side of the waterfall. 
The drop-off base of the falls was just some knee deep, probably made shallow by the continuing land erosion besides it.
While resting under a tree near the falls, we heard some shouts of children up above the waterfalls. From down below looking up we saw some two to three little children (9-14 years old) playing and probably swimming at the natural pool above. They noticed me looking at them from below. Few minutes later I laughed and smiled. These naughty children had dammed the mouth of the waterfall above that immediately no water fell and they went away. Ten to fifteen minutes passed, the water probably had surpassed the dam that the children had put on, then the water started to fall again.
We ate our lunch of arroz caldo and rested. 
At 2:00 pm, we departed and started our hike going up to the road. We rested again at the waiting shed along the main road (2:18 pm) and later on we continued walking. A dump truck came along and we hitched a ride staying at its hauling bucket/dump body. We went down from the dump truck at Barangay Kilang at 2:42 pm and refreshed with a snack at the same corner store.
We hiked back to sitio Victory, Salcedo starting at 3:52 pm and arrived at 3:05 pm. We immediately rode a tricycle back to Candon City where we will get a bus bound for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

Lower Gilong Kanep Falls Photo taken during SUMMER of May 29, 2013

For more photos CLICK HERE

Location : Barangay of Baracbac
                 Municipality of Galimuyod
                 Province of Ilocos Sur

How to get there:
1) From Manila, ride any of the buses going to any of these places : Laoag City, Vigan City, Candon City and Bangued, Abra. Go down at Candon city fronting the Catholic Church.
2) At Candon City ride a passenger tricycle going to Salcedo but go down at sitio Victory of barangay Calangcuasan of the municipality of Salcedo and look for the road going to barangay Kilang or Baracbac of the municipality of Galimuyod or tell it to the driver.
3) Take the hike (ask for directions along the way).
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