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"Known for its fishponds on vast plains for growing Bangus (Milkfish), I never thought Pangasinan has something to offer when it comes to Waterfalls. When i went there, the waters of Antong Falls is one of the clearest I have seen."

Please practice the leave no trace outdoor ethics when going to these nature places.
Let us not vandalize, put graffiti on their rocks and stone walls. 
Manage and dispose our waste products properly.

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 -my pagnapagna-

It was around 6:34 in the morning when we got a bus bound for Cubao to get to Sison, Pangasinan (coming from La Union). 
We arrived at our destination Sison, Pangasinan at 8:30 in the morning, particularly at the road going to the NCC (Northern Cement Corporation) at barangay Paldit. 
We ate at an eatery which serves arroz caldo and mami (noodles). While at it, we asked for directions from the waitress who gladly answered our queries.
At the northern corner of the intersection of the road going to NCC (road going east - secondary road) and MacArthur Highway (Manila North Road - main/primary road) there were tricycles waiting for passengers, actually it was their terminal area fronting some stores and under a tree. A signboard attached to the tree says: Housing, Gorgordion, Landingan, Ubbog, Sugcong, Inmalog, Crusher, Labayug, Calunetan, NCC and Antong falls - these are the barangays, sitios and other places where the tricycles can deliver passengers at this eastern side of the town.
We rode a tricycle going eastward on that secondary road at 8:45 am and then few hundred meters before the Cement Manufacturing Plant NCC, we turned left from the secondary road to a connecting tertiary road going north where a welcome arch says "Welcome to Brgy. Inmalog".  

Welcome Arch of Barangay Inmalog
The tricycle continued going north passing by Inmalog Elementary School until we arrived at the Barangay Hall of Inmalog (around 9 am). We went down from there and paid the driver 60 pesos. We asked from the kids playing basketball where is the way to the waterfalls. They pointed us to the road just beside the barangay hall going down to the eastern side, just walk some 10 meters then walk on top of the rip-rap concreted low wall of the irrigation canal going north, then cross the river through the hanging bridge.
We followed their given direction but after crossing the hanging bridge, the trail seems to be lost, so we waited for a while for someone to pass by. 

At the hanging bridge.
  Two kids coming from the hanging bridge passed by to whom we asked for direction. One of them answered "suruten yu daytoy kadwak ta itulod na kayu manong ta duwa gamin ti pagnaan dita" (follow my companion, he will accompany you sir, for there are two trails).
His name is "Marsan" and he was our impromptu guide. We followed behind while he led the way. Passed by some few houses, fields and crossed some irrigation canals along the way, we finally arrived at the river where the Falls will be just few meters upstream. We removed our shoes for we were going to cross the river on top of stones and knee-deep waters. The stones were generally slippery so we were very careful on each and every step we made as not to fall into the waters. We walked a few meters more then we went up from the river into the Picnic area where there are sheds to rest on and have picnic.

Picnic area
    A signboard at the picnic area reads as:


               - Entrance fee : 10 pesos per head
               - No cutting of trees/bushes and uprooting of all kinds of plants.
               - Cook only in the designated areas.
               - Vandalism is strictly prohibited
               - No fishing
               - No putting up of structures for business without permit
               - No throwing of trashes in the waters and grounds of the falls
               - Wear proper swimming attire
              A) for male- with or without shirt but with swimming trunks/shorts
              B) for female - shirt and shorts/bathing suit.
              Penalties : 1st offense - fine of 300 pesos or 4 hrs. service
                                  2nd offense - fine of 500 pesos  or 8 hrs community service
                                  3rd offense - fine of 1,000 pesos or 2 days of community service
                "Violators aside from the penalties herein imposed shall not excused 
                  from being penalized for violation of the other laws or ordinances 
                  hereto related"
                  For more information pls. contact the CVO on duty.
"Antong Falls"
open - 6:00 am
closed - 5:00 pm
                  note: CVO- Civilian Volunteers Organization

Photo showing  the cascades at an area named "Baño ni Pablo" at Antong Falls
Looking down at the pool area, a couple and probably lovers were swimming at what was called "Baño ni Pablo". 

"Baño ni Pablo" is favorited for diving as well as swimming because of its deep pool area that is shaded by trees as well as boulders as big as a house.
Our guide "Marsan" asked us, if we would like to go up to see the other cascades of the falls. We replied yes and on we went, crossing the knee-deep strong flow of the river to get into the other side.
At the other side (southern) we begun our short climb up on slippery rocks and stones as we walked and passed by on some small cascades. 

Cascades along the way
  We finally arrived at the upper cascade called Limmingaling Falls.

Limmingaling Falls
 Limmingaling Falls is a small but strong cascade that plunges into a deep pool area. It resembled a children's play slide.

 After resting and enjoying the area we got down, crossed the river and went back at the picnic area. We passed by a group of young men drinking. "Shot tayu pay" (Let's have a shot 'drink' first) they said to us. We smiled and politely declined and said "sige lang, salamat" (just go ahead. thank you). Afterwards we went to the "Baño ni Pablo" to take photos and videos.  

"Baño ni Pablo"

We left the waterfalls area at 11:00 am. 
Along the trail, we came across many people going to the falls (it was Sunday, so its vacation time). One or two carried with them on their shoulders waters on big blue plastic containers, a big frying pan called skillet or wok, and some live white chickens. 

A group of people going to the Falls

We finally arrived at Inmalog Barangay Hall at 11:44 am.
After having a snack at a store, we decided to walk (12:00 noon) our way until the welcome arch at the secondary road (road going to the cement manufacturing plant NCC) arriving there at 12:20 pm. Along the way, at the eastern side, at the base of the mountains, the Cement Plant NCC can be partially seen.
Northern Cement Corporation from afar
 At the welcome arch we rode a tricycle going west towards the MacArthur Highway (National Highway) and paid the driver 30 pesos total for both of us. It was 12:30 then when we arrived at the highway where we got a bus going back to Home Sweet Home.

 -end of pagnapagna-

A video of Antong Falls
Subject   : ANTONG FALLS
Location : Sitio Antong Falls, Barangay of Inmalog
                 Municipality of Sison
                 Province of Pangasinan

How to get there:

From Manila take a bus bound for either of the ff; 
Laoag City, Vigan City, Abra, Candon City, La Union or Baguio City. But you have to get down at the connecting road (barangay Paldit) going to Northern Cement Corporation (NCC) – a cement manufacturing plant located at barangay Labayug.
At the Road intersection there will be a group of tricycles parked at the northern corner. Ride on these passenger tricycles and tell them you are going to Barangay Inmalog to go to the waterfalls (60 pesos fare for hiring).
(You may visit now the Barangay Hall of Inmalog and may ask for guide or directions)
At the Inmalog Barangay Hall, there will be a short cemented road going east downward crossing an irrigation canal. At your left, walk on top of the rip-rap wall of the irrigation canal going north until you come across a hanging bridge. Cross the river on this hanging bridge (going east) and into the farmland on the other side. At the farmland just after going down the hanging bridge, go towards north (or at left of the hanging bridge) until the trail will be clear. Walk your way to the falls asking directions along the way.
Note: Caution Slippery stones along the way.
At the river, test the stones you are about to step on by feeling if they are slippery so you can maintain your balance. Take your time for safety.

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