Friday, July 26, 2013


"Sharing a life in perpetuity, these two trees stands sturdy.
What were their secrets? 
How did they do it? 
Am I witnessing a love affair or a public display of affection? Were they destined to each other or it is just nature’s time and chance playing with them? 
These are the questions running inside my head as I stand BETWEEN TWO TREES"

-my pagnapagna-

We just came from barangay Luzong of Bangar, La Union specifically from a waterfall (July 22, 2013). The waterfall was still at its almost dried up state that we decided to go to another venue which is to visit again the "FUSED TREES" or "TWO LEGGED TREES" at the nearby town of Sudipen.

Located between the dried up San Cristobal Brook and a ricefield, these two trees are around 2 meters apart at its base. The trunks are about half a meter in diameter with one slightly stouter than the other.

As if these two trees where two lost souls that found refuge in nature and met in the forest, two lovers that even when personified into trees did overcame the distance between them. 

They braved and endured the ever changing time, perhaps inch by inch of growth they tried to reach each other or they let the winds and storms bend them to lean on each others arms and they were victorious that from that time on they decided to live a life in unison with each other.

Leaning on one of the trunk of the fused trees.
We have learned that these trees were on a private lot thus, privately owned by a family. We also tried to know the stories behind these fusion of two trees but we can not get answers. Some of them (locals) do not even know that there is such a thing. One of the locals near the tree whom we asked about the story behind it asked us "apay gatangen yu kadi dayta kayu"(are you going to buy the tree?).

After lingering and taking photos and videos of the trees, we went to a local store to have a snack but what a heck, we deserve some cold beers on a hot day :-).

The fused trees.
For more photos CLICK HERE

To the owners of the lot where the two lovers made your place their love-nest, please save the trees and spare them from the sharp teeth of a chainsaw or the sharp edge of a machete.
-end of pagnapagna- 

Subject   : FUSED TREES
Location : Municipality of Sudipen
                 Province of La Union

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