Wednesday, July 10, 2013


"I think Engkantadora is somewhat similar with the word enchanted? Do you think this waterfall is enchanted?"

Please practice the leave no trace outdoor ethics when going to these nature places.
Let us not vandalize, put graffiti on their rocks and stone walls. 
Manage and dispose our waste products properly.

-my pagnapagna-


I got up early that morning of June 15, 2013, a Saturday to catch a bus bound for Laoag City.

Arriving in Laoag City at about 7 o'clock in the morning, i walked my way to the terminal of jeeps bound for Vintar, passing by the St. William the Hermit Catholic Church, the sinking Belltower and the Supermarket (it seems there were lots of commercial establishment being built at downtown area).

It took some 20 minutes until the jeep arrived at the neighboring town of Vintar, Ilocos Norte.
My Sister and Brother-in-law live there in Vintar together with my ailing Father.
After seeing my father, i rested for a while and placed my baggage in the closet then went back at downtown Vintar to continue my passion for nature.
At downtown Vintar, i got to talk and inquire to a store owner about the town's waterfalls and she even helped me get a reliable tricycle who will bring me to the waterfalls. The tricycle driver and i agreed on a 250 pesos fee.
We traveled eastward (9:30 am), then northwards along the irrigation canal passing by Bucana where Vintar dam is located. From there on, the road gets rough as it was still being leveled and readied for asphalting. It was a bouncy rough ride being inside the carriage of the tricycle.
We were now at the entry point to a bridge at Barangobong which served as our drop-off point at 10:06 am.
He parked the tricycle and went on our way entering at a residential area to a short trail (walking on the low wall of the small irrigation canal).
We came to a top pool area but only a man-made spill way was pouring waters at the side. That can't be the one i am looking for, so we went further upstream and there it was hidden behind a mountain bend is the Engkantadora Falls (10:20 am).

The water was murky (milky brown) at that time perhaps because it was just the onset of the rainy season. And i also noticed that there was an evident erosion at the right side of the falls.
After some few minutes on the falls, we went back (10:40 am)on our way going through the same path and into the house of my Brother-in-law (11:20am) where my father stays.

Enchanting Engkantadora Falls

I am very grateful and thankful to God to have a kind and understanding Brother-in-law and a great eldest sister both of them are Medical Doctors. My Father has been living with them for these past few years now and i am glad, i got to visit him this past "Father's Day".

-end of pagnapagna-

Subject   : ENGKANTADORA Falls
Location : Barangay #23 Barangobong
                  Municipality of Vintar
                  Province of Ilocos Norte

How to get there:
From Manila take a bus bound for Laoag City. 

In Laoag City, take a tricycle ride going to the jeep terminal bound for Vintar located at M.H.del Pilar street corner Don E. Ruiz (16 pesos jeep fare) or just hire a tricycle going to Vintar for around 80 pesos. 
At Downtown Vintar, again hire a tricycle to get you to the falls.

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  1. Laoag and Vintar are located in Ilocos Norte Province, not La Union.

    1. Thank you for noticing and getting my attention Mike C. Otherwise it would be like that forever. It is really in Ilocos Norte, I have now corrected it. Maraming Salamat