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"Hiking can be a form of exercise. It's burning calories with a view. So enjoy every step you make along the way"

-my pagnapagna-

After coming from Sapilang Falls, (Early that morning, i've texted and got some information from Engr. Abad who has been a Councilor of  the town of Bacnotan about the falls below Arosip Eco trail at sitio Gan-ayan of Barangay Guinabang) at downtown Bacnotan, i rode a jeep going north.

The Jeep was bound for Balaoan, La Union but i got down at Guinabang Elementary School (Should have got down at the Barangay Hall area). I walked few minutes more along the highway going to the Barangay Hall with speeding cars passing by.

Arriving at the Barangay Hall area, I rested and ate pancit at a local store overlooking the basketball court fronting Guinabang Barangay Hall. I asked directions to Sitio Gan-ayan from the vendor and she pointed the road going down the river. 

I went down the road and walked my way at a hanging bridge to cross the river (10:32 am).
Hanging bridge to the other side of the river

At the hanging bridge i met a lady in his late forties. I smiled and she smiled back. She then asked me:
 "papanan yu kadi ser?" (where are you going sir?).
 "Apanak kuma dita waterfalls mam" (I'm going to the waterfalls mam), I answered after which introduced myself to her, then she said:
"ney adda kuma mangkuyog kenyam ngem adda mut gamin meeting mi tatta dita barangay hall, maysa ak gamin a kagawad ken madama mut ti kuliglig da kapitan tatta ediay taltalin handa masangu" (there should be someone to accompany you but we have a meeting at the barangay hall. I am one of the Councilors and the Barangay Captain is busy right now plowing the rice fields).
" nu kayat mu mapan ka lattan kenni chief tanod Buccat dita masungad nga balay ta kitaen nu anya maaramidan na" (if you like, you can go to Chief barangay tanod/police Buccat at that first house and see what he can do) she said.

I thanked her and went on my way, arriving at the house of the Chief Tanod at 10:50 am .

They were planting rice that day

The Chief Tanod eventually agreed without any hesitation to accompany me together with his son-in-law, who had never been to the waterfalls.

A hanging bridge besides the cemented road used when water flows on the road.

We walked along rice fields and into the stream (10:58 am). Walking along the stream was never too easy, one must be very careful as the stones and riverbed were slippery.

The team. Posing for the camera at the lower cascade

We finally arrived at the first cascade of the waterfalls (lower cascade) and climbed our way up at the side to get into the main cascade (12 noon).

At Guinabang falls with Chief barangay tanod/police Mr. Francisco Buccat Sr. and his Son-in-law Arnel Noto
For more photos CLICK HERE
There was an erosion at the right side of the falls and a dried tree was laying almost fronting it, which came down with the erosion.

Looking for crayfish
Chief tanod took a dip into the waters of the falls and caught some small shrimps and crayfish.
After enjoying the falls we departed and walked back (12:35 pm) with some changes of trails that lessened our hiking time.

We arrived at the chief tanod's house at 1:15 pm and had some lunch.

I thanked them and departed from the chief tanod's house (2:28 pm) going back to the highway, where i got a ride going back to Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

Here is a video of the waterfalls

Subject   : GUINABANG Falls
Location : Sitio Gan-ayan
                 Barangay Guinabang
                 Municipality of Bacnotan
                 Province of La Union

 How to get there:
If you are coming from Manila, you can take a bus going to any of  these Northwestern Luzon places: Laoag City, Vigan City, Candon City and Abra. You must get down either at:
A- Bacnotan Supermarket area and take a jeep or tricycle going to the Barangay Hall of Guinabang
B- Barangay Hall area of Barangay Guinabang, Bacnotan, La Union which is located along the national highway and further north of the supermarket.
At Barangay Guinabang ask for directions from the officials of the barangay.

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