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"Learning is a continuous process. It is up to you to nourish it further"

(This is actually a part of my travel going to the La Union Botanical Garden).

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-my pagnapagna-

After coming from the Botanical Garden at 10:12am, going back to the road, i arrived at the Science Centrum Building at around 10:15am.

Upon opening the glass doors of the building and entering into the lobby, Mrs. Evelyn Ortiz welcomed me, let me signed the log book and paid 10 pesos as entrance fee. She said that at the right-side of the building is the museum and the left-side is the Science Centrum.
"Ibatim pay lang dayta bag mo ditoy" (Just leave your bag here) she said pertaining to my backpack.  
"Mabalin ag-picture ediay uneg mam" (can i take a picture inside mam?) i asked her.
"anya nga agency kayu aya sir?" (what agency are you from sir?) she asked back.
I introduced myself as a blogger on travels and that i am going to use some of these photos for my blog. She did not answered directly with a yes or no but she smiled and i guest that means yes.
He then toured me around starting with the stuffed two-faced young goat or a "kid" at the museum entrance which she said it came from the municipality of Aringay, La Union. Lots of old earthen wares at the museum area. She added that they re-buried the skeletal remains of the one that was exhibited before (i guess that was the best news i got from the museum which gives respect to the remains of the dearly departed) and i have seen that skeletal remains back when the museum was still at the back of the La Union Provincial Capitol Building at the top of a hill at downtown San Fernando (vicinity of The Fil-Chinese Friendship Pagoda). And so the tour went on with Mrs.Ortiz explaining and giving information about the subjects on exhibits. From the museum i may not have noticed it but i am now in the  Science Centrum. Again with Mrs. Ortiz explaining and demonstrating every "science interactive exhibits" as if she was a science professor which was a good thing,
Well, there is an ending to everything, we were back at the entrance lobby and have to leave at 11:03am.
Luckily, a passenger jeep had just accompanied one of its passenger just beside the Science Centrum and Museum. I rode that jeep at 11:05am going back downtown San Fernando City, La Union and eventually to Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

(from the Leaflet given at the Museum)
Guidelines on booking group tours:
1- Science Exhibits Main Gallery - has twenty-two (22) interactive exhibits.
Light Rooms:
Phosphorescent waall, Laser display, Parts of the Laser, Pupil of the eye, Jacob's ladder, Colored shadow, Color Subtraction, Plasma Sphere, Optic land, Radiometer
Main Room: 
Videophone, whisper dishes, Anti-gravity mirror, Bernoulli blower, Animal Sound, Bicycle wheel gyro, Symmetroscope, Blowing bubbles, Zoetrope, Rope puzzle, Thompson ring, Adjustable cake.
Tour Policies:
1- Students cannot bring their bags inside the facility. Baggage counter is available.
2- Eating, drinking and smoking within the Science Centrum Exhibit area, Museum area and Planetarium is strictly prohibited.
3- No littering within the Science Centrum premises. Garbage bins are available.
4- Children below six (6) years old should be accompanied by an adult (teacher, parent, guardian, yaya, etc).
5- Science Centrum personnel have the right to refuse admission or dismiss visitors who exhibit disruptive behavior (e.g. vandalism, destroying or damaging museum property, violating rules and regulations).
6- The Science Centrum is a self discovery hands-on science museum. Reader-friendly labels are available for each exhibit for visitors to better understand how they work. Teacher-guides are at hand to give assistance when needed.

1- Reservation for group tours (30 people and above) should be made at least two (2) weeks in advance.
2- Maximum number of visitors in a particular time slot shall be sixty (60) persons.
Schedule of Service Available:
Monday to Saturday
Time slots:
3- Booking and Reservations can be arranged at the La Union Science Centrum and Museum or Office of the City Mayor.
4- The management reserves the right to cancel unconfirmed booking and to accommodate other tour groups by default.
5- Cancellations due to unavoidable circumstances may be rescheduled.
6- Group coordinator should inform the Staff and register before entering the facility.
7- Tour groups will only be admitted on their scheduled slots.

To avoid delays and conflicts, provide the following data:
- Date and Time of Booking
- School/Institution, Address/Location
- Total number of persons visiting
- Grade/Year Level
- Name Teacher/Adviser and/or Tour Group Head with contact Number
General admission : Php 10.00
Students/Senior Citizens : Php 5.00
Free Admission:
* 4years old and below
* PWDs
* Teachers (must present ID)
For Inquiries, please contact:
Office of the City Mayor (Direct) (072) 888-69-06
Office of the City mayor (Fax no.) (072) 888-69-07
City Information & Tourism Office ()72) 888-69-22
Direct Booking: La Union Science Centrum & Museum
Evelyn Ortiza  (0947) 6265464

Location : Sitio Japan, Barangay Cadaclan
                 City of San Fernando
                 Province of La Union

How to get there:
From Manila take a bus bound for either of these:
Laoag City, Vigan City, Candon City, Abra or La Union. 
You have to get down at the City plaza of San Fernando, La Union.
(i think you could arrange with the museum if you go in groups)

a- At the plaza go to the front of the Marcos Building (beside Christ the King College) and look for the jeeps bound for barangay Cadaclan and you may arrange with the driver.

b-At the plaza hire a tricycle going to barangay Cadaclan and ask the driver to drop you at the nearest area to the Botanical Garden or Science Centrum and take a hike from there.

c-From the plaza you may also hike all the way to the La Union Science Centrum for about two hours or more depending upon your pace. (read my blog on La Union Botanical Garden for details)

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