Friday, October 4, 2013

Here comes the "BROOM"

"To date, this is the busiest hanging bridge i have ever seen. If the Town proper is the heart of Bagulin, then this hanging bridge is a major artery that conveys people. People that with their merchandize nourishes the needs of the heart and the body as a whole. A delight to see for a hiker like me but there is more than a candy to the eye. It is a bridge that keeps people flowing. The bridge that connects people. The bridge that keeps the town healthy. The life-giving bridge. The Bagulin Hanging Bridge."

Known for it's soft broom industry, the Municipality of Bagulin in the province of La Union produces quality soft brooms locally known in Ilocano as "buyboy" or "walis tambo" in Tagalog. Although, they usually harvest tiger grass during the months of March, they store most of it then made into brooms later on during the times when tiger grass are not available for harvest.

The people carry these soft brooms to the other side of the river through this hanging bridge. A hanging bridge that spans a great distance from Barangay Dagup to Barangay Suyo (Bagulin Town Proper) which is just across the raging river.

Here were some of the photos i took of these fuzzy useful products carried and transported by men walking on the hanging bridge.

Yes, it's not the "Bride" or the "Groom" that came.

Heavy it is. It must get to the other side.
One has to maintain his balance.
"Make way, make way"
A happy pedestrian leading the pack. Can you see him smiling?
Time to text the message.
These soft brooms must have been made as a souvenir items for Baguio City.

Now they are ready to go wherever it might have been made for.
Who knows, one of these might find its way to your own homes.

Like a paparazzi i stood in front of the river and near the hanging bridge, taking photos of the busy, walking, smiling and happy people, particularly the men carrying those soft brooms. I thank you people of Bagulin for sharing your "wALks of Life" with me and into other people reading this.

Here is a short Video of the Hanging Bridge Morning Scene.

Time Duration:
Manila to Bauang, La Union (bus) - 6 hours
Bauang, La union to Naguilian, La Union (jeep) -   15 to 20 minutes
Naguilian, La Union to Bagulin, La Union (tricycle) - 30 to 40 minutes
Walk from Bagulin Municipal Hall to the Hanging Bridge - 2 t0 5 minutes

Bauang La Union to Naguilian, La Union (Jeep) - 14 pesos Naguilian to Bagulin (tricycle) vice versa - 100 pesos 


Subject   Hanging bridge at Bagulin
Location : Barangay Suyo (Poblacion)
                 Municipality of Bagulin
                 Province of La Union

How to get there:
From Manila take a bus bound for any of these Northwest Luzon places : Laoag City (Ilocos Norte), Bangued (Abra), Vigan City (Ilocos Sur), Candon City (Ilocos Sur) and San Fernando City (La Union). 
You have to get down at the Bus stop near the Town Plaza of Bauang, La Union (just before the Bauang Municipal Hall which is across the road). The Municipality of Bauang is located just after the town of Caba, La Union and just before the city of San Fernando, La Union.
At the Bus stop which is a waiting shed, walk your way northwards to the intersection. A road intersects the main highway coming from the east which is called Naguilian road (The road goes all the way up to Baguio City).
Walk some few meters going east at the intersecting Road (Naguilian Road).
There will be an array or stalls of eateries (Carinderia or locally called turo-turo) on the roadside. You may wait for jeeps bound for The Municipality of Naguilian, La Union there. Naguilian, La Union is the next town from Bauang, La Union going east.
You may also walk further passing by the eateries and into the public waiting shed (fronting the Public Library). At the waiting shed, wait for the mini-Buses bound for Baguio City and get down at Naguilian, La Union Town Plaza.
At the plaza you may now hire a tricycle to transport you to the interior town of Bagulin, La Union.
You will get down in front of Bagulin Municipal Hall.
Walk your way to the Hanging bridge which is located at the eastern side of the Municipal Hall as well as the Covered Court/auditorium.


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  1. Wow ang ganda! Full action documented in photos :) Bagulin, mapupuntahan din kita! Daily bang may mga merchants na nagcrocross sa bridge na ito bro o na-timing'an mo lang ito? :)

    1. Yung brooms siguro timing lang yun, di ko alam na may maghahatid that day ng mga brooms mula sa kabilang barangay. Sa ibang lugar (towns baka sa baguio, etc) naman nila ibabagsak yun.Marami gumagamit ng Hanging Bridge kapag early Friday morning yung time na pasukan sa school at opisina . Every FRIDAY kasi ang MARKET DAY nila doon .