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"The town of Bagulin has a great potential when it comes to 'Tourism'. Its culture, people, nature and the place itself has the building blocks to create a hikers' haven"
"It is just there waiting to happen"

(This is still at the Municipality of Bagulin, La Union. Continued from my previous post "Here comes the Broom")

-my pagnapagna-

(October 4, 2013 a Friday)

After having been a "paparazzi" near the river, taking photos of the busy morning scene, I went to their Municipal Hall to inquire. Along the way, I passed by their Multi-purpose Covered Court.
At the Municipal hall, I met sir Marquez Balisbis an Agricultural Technologist who then helped me get a passenger motorcycle to transport me to Kedlap Burial Cave and eventually to Tagudtud People's Park.
For the fare of 200 pesos (round-trip) at 8:21 am, we departed downtown Bagulin going east. An all uphill travel, we arrived at the "drop-off" area at 8:39 am. He parked the motorcycle and led the way as we went down on a cemented trail and steps that led to side of the mountain and to the cliff. It was just some 10 minutes walk along a cliff-side trail into the Burial site. The cliff-side trail is not as scary and dangerous as some plants had grown to what could have been an open-air cliff side.

A bamboo bridge was made where the land trail collapsed.
A motorcycle driver and an impromptu guide, "Doming Abuan" lives near the 
Tagudtud People's Park area 
which is also near the Kedlap Burial Cave.

The Kedlap Burial Cave is a shallow cave overlooking the distant northern mountains where a natural ledge of stones serves as a resting place of the coffin and its accessories.
When we went there, aside from the coffin we also saw some offerings consisting of spears, a flute, a jar, deer antlers, an old outdated five pesos bill, and even a bottle of gin which denotes that all of which were placed recently and must have been jumbled with the old ones if there were any.
(Graffiti alert!)>^+*#"x!@^<. 
The one that got my attention was the wood coffin with a cover shaped into a carabao (water buffalo). It has a rounded body, a head at one end and a tail at the other. My guide said, there are bones inside.

At the Kedlap Burial Cave located at Sitio Allabok.
Below is a short video of Kedlap Burial cave.

At 8:56, we departed from the Kedlap Burial Cave and got back at the drop-off area by the main road at 9:04 am.

We rode the motorbike and went farther up the road eastward. We stopped at a waiting shed overlooking the wide open mountain slopes at Barangay Tagudtud (9:12 am). After walking on rough road we arrived at the top of Tagudtud People's Park at 9:16 am and rested at a gazebo at the central top portion of the park.

Resting at the Central Gazebo of Tagudtud People's Park. 
This is the highest place in the area. 
If not for the growing trees, this would have been a great viewing place.

The park is a grassland on top of a hill surrounded by a ring of predominantly small pine trees. The growing pine trees now hides the view of the distant mountains and the lowlands.
However, the grassland is a good area for outdoor activities such as overnight camping.
My guide told me that the area was a very nice place back then, having no grass and bush overgrowth. The octagonal in plan gazebo was before with electricity, thus lighted and below were some few sheds but are now gone.

 Grandma and Grandson walking by. 
The little child's father died of "bangungot"  
(nightmare - did not woke up from sleep) 
when he was still 6 months old at his mother's womb. 
An info from "Doming" my guide.
The view along the People's Park area. 
On a clear day, Mount Sto.Tomas of  Benguet can be seen behind the mountains.
 It is actually the faintest one located 3/4 to the left side of this photo.

We went down from the park at 9:28 am arriving at the waiting shed were the motorcycle was parked at 9:34 am. We finally got back downtown Bagulin at 10:03 am. 

Now I am ready to go to Loslosi Falls.
(See my Next Blog "LOSLOSI Falls")

-end of pagnapagna-

Time Duration:
Manila to Bauang, La Union (bus) - 6 hours
Bauang, La Union to Naguilian, La Union (jeep) -   15 to 20 minutes

Naguilian, La Union to Bagulin, La Union (tricycle) - 30 to 40 minutes
Bagulin Town proper to Drop-off at Sitio Allabok (motorcycle) - 15 to 20 minutes
Walk along the trail to Kedlap Burial Cave - 10 to 15 minutes Drop-off at Sitio Allabok to drop-off near Tagudtud People's Park (motorcycle) -  10 minutes
Walk to the top of Tagudtud People's Park -  5 minutes
From Barangay Tagudtud to Downtown Bagulin (Suyo) (motorcycle) - 20 to 30 minutes

Fare: (As of October 2013)
Bauang La Union to Naguilian, La Union (Jeep) - 14 pesos
Naguilian to Bagulin (tricycle) vice versa - 100 pesos  
Motorcycle ride to Barangay Tagudtud - 100 pesos


Subject   Kedlap Burial Cave
Location : Sitio Allabok
                 Municipality of Bagulin
                 Province of La Union

Subject   : Tagudtud People's Park
Location : Barangay Tagudtud
                 Municipality of Bagulin
                 Province of La Union

How to get there:

From Manila take a bus bound for any of these Nortwest Luzon places : Laoag City (Ilocos Norte), Bangued (Abra), Vigan City (Ilocos Sur), Candon City (Ilocos Sur) and San Fernando City (La Union). 
You have to get down at the Bus stop near the Town Plaza of Bauang, La Union (just before the Bauang Municipal Hall which is across the road). The Municipality of Bauang is located just after the town of Caba, La Union and just before the City of San Fernando, La Union.
At the Bus stop which is a waiting shed, walk your way northwards to the intersection. A road intersects the main highway coming from the east which is called Naguilian road (The road goes all the way up to Baguio City).
Walk some few meters going east at the intersecting Road (Naguilian Road).
There will be an array or stalls of eateries (Carinderia or locally called turo-turo) on the roadside. You may wait for jeeps bound for The Municipality of Naguilian, La Union there. Naguilian, La Union is the next town from Bauang, La Union going east.
Or you may also walk further passing by the eateries and into the public waiting shed (fronting the Public Library). At the waiting shed, wait for the mini-Buses bound for Baguio City and get down at Naguilian, La Union Town Plaza.
At the plaza you may now hire a tricycle to transport you to the interior town of Bagulin, La Union.
You will get down infront of Bagulin Municipal Hall.
(Ask directions going to the Kedlap Burial Cave and the Tagudtud People's Park either from the policemen around or at the Municipal Hall if it is in the weekdays)
Walk your way to the back of the Municipal Hall through the road beside it. Somewhere in that area would be parked passenger motorcycles. Hire one of those motorcycles to get you to Sitio Allabok (where the Burial Cave is) and eventually further up to the Tagudtud People's Park.



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