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SPANISH WATCHTOWERS #13 Pasuquin (Ilocos Norte)

 "I usually go to Pasuquin for its delicious biscocho. Now i had added  the tree-hugged Old Watchtower of Puyupuyan on my must-visit list"
-my pagnapagna-

Yesterday, i came from the Watchtower ruins at Bacarra, Ilocos Norte and spent the night at my Brother-in-law's house at Vintar, Ilocos Norte where my father also stays.
Vintar is a municipality of Ilocos Norte located just east of Laoag City. 
Around 7:30 in the morning, i got to hitch a ride with my Brother-in-law's car going to Loag City. 
I went down at the Laoag City's Public Market to buy some whatever goodies there might be. 
It was a Wednesday that day which was their designated weekly Market day. I just bought dried seaweeds and the young onion and garlic bulbs. I just love the young bulbs of garlic and onion they are really sweeter and much flavorful i guess than the bigger ones. I will also be giving some to my sister back in La Union. Although I had some second thoughts, I did not bother to buy Bagnet and Longganisa (i am reducing my cholesterol intake).

I took a tricycle ride going to the jeep terminal bound for the Municipality of Pasuquin. I forgot to ask the street where it was located but it is quite near the jeep terminal area bound for Bacarra somewhere near Llanes street corner Lazaro street.
The jeep departed from Laoag City going north at 8:20 in the morning and arrived at downtown Pasuquin at 8:51 am. We passed by the municipality of Bacarra along the way but not the Town proper/center because Bacarra's town proper is some distance away from the national highway.
At Pasuquin, i went for a stroll at their public market, the Church area and finally went to the Municipal Hall to inquire about the Watchtower. After i got the information i needed, i rode a tricycle and went to the seaside barangay of Puyupuyan.
The watchtower at that time was covered with vegetation. Trees and shrubs grows around it hiding most of the watchtower from view. Near the watchtower is the Shalom Beach House (Diocese of Laoag - Seminar House) and at the other side is a very small chapel that can be mistaken as a waiting shed. A small grotto was constructed at the front of the watchtower.
Trees and shrubs had engulfed the watchtower's wall. I have noticed some movement on the bushes so i have to be very careful as not to be bitten by snakes. I also noticed a bee or wasp hives around, clustered hanging from a tree.

near the watchtower area, i saw this swarm of bees on a tree branch

After i took some photos, videos and did some on the spot sketch of the watchtower i went to the seashore and rested on a seaside shed.
At 11:48 am, i rode on a tricycle that arrived at downtown Pasuquin at 12:01 pm.

Delicious Biscocho i bought at Pasuquin and the young onion bulbs from Laoag City.

Before heading back to Laoag City, i went to buy the delicious Biscocho at Pasuquin bakery.

-end of pagnapagna-

Watchtower at Puyupuyan

This rotund structure has no battlement or crenelation. Aside from the small openings that served as look-out holes around its wall, a bigger opening  is present but elevated at some height from the ground (they may have used ladders to get inside through that opening).

the roots of a tree as if it is hugging the wall of the watchtower

As of the time i went there to see the Watchtower (November 6, 2013) the area where the watchtower lies is undeveloped for visitors. Who knows maybe in the coming months it will be cleared from forest growth.

Time Duration
Manila to Laoag City (big bus) - 11 to 12 hours
 San Fernando City, La Union to Laoag City (big bus) - 5 to 6 hours average 
Vigan City/Bantay to Laoag City (big bus) - 2 t0 3 hours
Loag City to Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte (jeep) - 30 to 40 minutes
Downtown Pasuquin to barangay Puyupuyan at Watchtower (tricycle) - 10 to 15 minutes

(As of November 2013)
Manila to Laoag City (big bus) - 
San Fernando City, La Union to Laoag City (big bus) - 370 pesos average
Loag City to Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte (jeep) - 25 pesos
Downtown Pasuquin to barangay Puyupuyan at Watchtower (tricycle) - 40 to 60 pesos

Subject : Watchtower at Puyupuyan
Location : Barangay Puyupuyan
                Municipality of Pasuquin
                Province of Ilocos Norte

How to get there:
From Laoag City, ride a jeep bound for the town of Pasuquin.
At downtown Pasuquin ride a tricycle going to the barangay of Puyupuyan tell the driver you are going to Shalom Beach House (the watchtower is near that area).
The watchtower area is not yet cleared of forest overgrowth as of (November 2013)

SPANISH WATCHTOWERS #12 Ilocos Norte (Bacarra)

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