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2012-2013 my PAGNAPAGNA that was

"It's my first time to have this annual reminisce of what had taken place for the past years. Here in this post are my personal top pagnapagna  as well as my photos from the years 2012 and 2013" 


I included post from the year 2012 as this is my first time to do a top 10 of my hikes and travels.

I traveled to Burgos, La Union to see the mini-rice terraces located at sitio Bolikewkew on September 1, 2013 a Sunday and ended looking for more waterfalls upstream on a river. Yes, I've got a passion for waterfalls. Although those cascades were short, they were multiple and looked like steps. It was some experience as i even ripped my short pants.

 top #9 of 2012-2013

Sablan was my main exploration recently and i had to hike a less traveled road but with a twist by visiting the Agsit Waterfalls. I should have gone to see the Sacdol Hotsprings but unfortunately it is not within the main road going to Barangay Pappa. I walked where they recently had a fun run from Calot to Sabdang.


Together with my long time hiking friend, on June 6, 2013 a Thursday, we went to Suyo, Ilocos Sur to see four waterfalls in a day. The waterfalls were Sangbay ni Ragsak, Sangbay, Darawa Falls and the Waterfalls at Barangay Man-atong (Tegteggamat) with the latter being the farthest.

Alone, I hiked from the road at Upper Cardiz going down to Sitio Amstipngen at Lower Cardiz to see more beautiful Cascades that I mistook it for Tili ti Nuang Falls. Thanks to one of the local resident in that remote area, we went to see the real Tili ti Nuang Falls. That was September 29, 2013 a Sunday.


On a summer day (April 23, 2013 a Tuesday) at Barangay Daligan, Sta. Cruz, Ilocos Sur, we went hiking along the cool waters of the Kagutungan river where we saw the Kagutungan Falls, Siminublan Pool and the Sinmimbaan Cave. Unforgettable hike as i had an encounter with a stinging plant along the way.

We went to Sugpon, Ilocos Sur to see some waterfalls but since it was summer, they all have dried out and we were offered to see the Danac Burial Cave instead. Going there was never easy that day for we had to walk along the stone carpeted Amburayan river banks on a hot summer day for some hours, as they say: there is no easy way to paradise. It was my first time to see  a burial cave in my life. This was a hike i remember for its cultural significance as well as the scenery along the way.

We traveled to Baguio passing by Nueva Vizcaya to get to Banaue, Ifugao and saw the Banaue Rice Terraces. At Batad, in the cold night, we slept at an authentic Ifugao Hut. It was our house for short two days and a night. We walked along the edges of the rice terraces all the way to Tappiyah Falls. (October 18-Thurs, 19-Fri, 20-Saturday 2012)

Dated March 15-Friday, 16-Saturday and 17-Sunday 2013. 
On one of our stop in our journey, we slept at a concrete bench near a gas station waiting for the lone mini-bus going to Mayoyao that passes by Banaue. It was great seeing most of the revered attractions in that great place. The Ifugao Hut were scattered along the vast rice terraces giving its unique character. From the Burial tomb called “Apfo’or" to the "Lumogig Stone", all are worth seeing and knowing the story behind them will make you understand the background of their rich culture as Ifugaos. On the personal side, I saw some of my Ifugao friends and had some drinks at a closed mini-grocery (their relative's store). The stores closes early in Mayoyao. I was a little bit surprised as my friends fathers are high officials of the Municipality of Mayoyao. (I really did not have any idea before).

Dated December 26-wednesday, 27-thursday, 28-friday and 29-saturday 2012. 
Well, I had best of the two Municipalities, Besao and Sagada. At Besao, we hiked the southern areas of the Municipality. Going up and down the sides of the mountains passed by some waterfalls and rice terraces. Learned some of the mysterious beliefs of some of the locals and seen some of the numerous meeting places called "dap-ayan". 
I'll never forget Besao for the hospitality they
have given me particularly the family of my friend. Walking from Lake Danum to the less traveled road and trail to Besao where we met the "Gardener" who gave as some heads of cabbages from his harvest of the day as he walked his way home in the very late afternoon (I made his picture as my Header Photo of my Blog) and it was a humbling site to see and experience.

At Sagada, the ambiance is a backpackers haven. From the downtown foods, caves, echo valley, burial sites to name a few, they were sites to behold.

I'll never forget this adventure. We went there as a group and enjoyed the adventure of riding on top of the lonesome jeep bound for the mountain municipality of Sigay, Ilocos Sur. The Waterfall is one of the tallest in the region. Going back was even a greater adventure as we travel a road less traveled on a motorbike (I was a back rider) and i walked at some point along the way lonesome on some rough, dirt mountainside road where there were no people or houses that can be seen around as we went down to Suyo, Ilocos Sur and eventually to Tagudin.

 These are just some random photographs taken from my travels and hikes.

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