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"I came upon Bayocboc falls while trying to go to Ampohaw Hydro Power Plant area"

Please let us practice the LNT (Leave No Trace) outdoor ethics/principles when going to these nature places.

Manage our waste products properly (pack it in, pack it out), don't leave your trash. Let us not vandalize/write/etch on its rock surfaces as well as on trees. Be respectful of the community's culture and traditions.

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-my pagnapagna-
(December 18, 2013)

It was 6:30 in the morning when i started walking from the Banangan-Kamog junction (at the Naguilian road). Passed by the Sablan National High School and the Saint Louis Centennial Village.
I arrived at the Pappa-Kamog junction at 7:12 am and continued walking to the Barangay Kamog proper.

The Distant Mt. Sto. Tomas, other mountains at the rear and the 
Saint Louis University Centennial Village at the right side of the photo

At Kamog proper (7:35 am), i badly needed a comfort room. I did not knew where to go except a school nearby. Thanks to teacher "Connie" who was inside their classroom getting ready for her class lecture, whom i got permission to use their classroom comfort room at Michael Angel Elementary School (i learned that there is a public comfort room some few meters down the road).

Thanks to teacher "Connie" of  Michael Angel Elementary School

Walking farther, i saw a group of townsfolk waiting for the lone passenger jeep to come and bring them to the highway or Baguio city area. One of the people standing there was Barangay Captain Mayomis. I greeted him and said "Kap mapanak kuma ken ni Roy Lang-ay"(Sir, i am going to Roy Lang-ay). He quickly answered "dayta man isuna ni" (that's him there). I did not noticed him but Roy was just standing with the rest of the people. Roy Lang-ay was the one i met before at my hike to Agsit Waterfalls. Unfortunately, he was going to Baguio City that day so, he can not accompany and show me some of the potential tourist attractions farther down at sitio Bising but he said i can ask directions to the lone store at sitio Bising and he gave me the name of the owner.
I continued my walk farther down the road (Same route as going to Aneng and Agsit) and passed by the drop-off point to Agsit waterfalls (8:04 am) and Aneng river (8:09 am) at sitio Banao still at Barangay Kamog area. Walking farther down the downhill road, the road terminated into an earth trail. Along the way, looking at the distant mountains the "Ampohaw Hydro" can be seen. 
The Ampohaw Hydro is a semi-automatic power plant which is capable of delivering its annual generation to the grid without human intervention.

Overlooking the mountains and the "Ampohaw Hydro Plant"  
at Banengbeng (at lower center of photo)

From a distance, i was amazed by the view of the "hydro" area. The white color of the falling waters on the side of the mountain was captivating even when it looked small from the trail.

After walking farther, i arrived at the store which one cannot tell if it was a store just by looking at it. It does not display its merchandize or had a signage placed at its facade. I talked to Mr. "Bansen" and bought a soft drink and some crackers. While having my snack, i inquired about where can i find the Sacdol Hotsprings and how to go to the "Hydro" area.

With the husband of the owner of a not-so-obvious Sari-sari store
After having my snack and talked to Mr. "Bansen", I continued walking the trail going down the mountainside (8:57 am). Along the trail, i came upon a house and talked with one of its resident "Ramon", who has a monkey in their backyard.

A still frightened local Philippine Monkey

Ramon at his mountainside backyard
Ramon said "Bumaba ka lang dita ta adda aggapgapas edianay agdamag kan to lattan ediayen" (just go down there and there will be people harvesting rice, just ask them). I did what he said and came to a ricefield where there were some 5 to 6 people harvesting rice. I asked directions on how to get to the "Hydro" and they gladly answered back.

Rice harvesting. I asked directions here

Walking farther down the short trail to the river, i saw a waterfall. It was not my intention to go and see this but i accidentally happened to see "Bayocboc" Falls (9:35 am). I was glad to walk on this trail for if i did not, i will not also see this waterfall.

At the upper cascade of the waterfalls
Took some photos and videos of the waterfalls and went down farther downstream walking on rocky river banks with some of the rocks as big as a small house. I finally arrived at the junction of the two rivers (10:54 am). From the junction, i headed upstream to the other river that goes all the way to the "Hydro" area. Along the way, i had to stop and go back as there were no riverbanks to walk on.  In order to go farther, i must cross the raging river to the other side which i can not because of the fierce water flow and it looked deep at some parts. To me it was the dead end. So, i turned around and said goodbye for now to the "Hydro".
On my way back, along the trail, i smelled stench and saw where it was coming from. On the ground, on top of a rock there was a chunk of a body of a big snake as stout as a man's calves complete with scales. By the look of it, it was chopped and all i saw was that remained a 6 inches in length. I regret not getting a photo of it, i might have been stunned a little after seeing how big that chunk of snake was.

Taken from the Hanging bridge at Bising, the junction of the two rivers. 
The one on the right is the Aneng River and where the "Boyocboc" Falls is located

I finally arrived back at the river junction and rested there for a while (12:09 pm). After which i went on to the hanging bridge nearby and walked up to another mountainside uphill trail (1:00 pm) that led back to the store of Mr. Bansen (2:00 pm). I walked farther uphill on the road until i arrived at Banao area and just before the drop-off area to Agsit waterfalls, feeling exhausted, luckily, a tricycle passed by delivering its passenger (2:45 pm). I road on the tricycle on its way back all the way up to the Naguilian road (I had to sit on its small front seat most of time so as it can scale up the steep uphill road and also to prevent the tricycle from tumbling backwards).
Well, i did not see the Sacdol Hotsprings that day but there will always be a next time.

-end of pagnapagna-

"Bayocboc" Falls

Located at the lower portion of the Aneng river, this small layered waterfall is just below a private farmland. This also marks the boundary between the Barangays of Kamog and Banengbeng. Its water is far more clearer than the Balili river where it merges.

A lower cascade few meters away from the main upper cascades.

Subject : "Bayocboc" Falls
Location: Barangay Kamog, 
               Municipality of Sablan
               Province of Benguet

How to get there:
From Manila you may either:  
a) go up to BAGUIO CITY, then at Baguio City ride a bus going down to any of these places: San Fernando City-La Union, Candon City, Abra or Laoag City but you have to get down at Barangay Banangan (before Sablan town proper) particularly at the intersection of Calot-Kamog- Pappa Provincial road (the road going to Sablan National High School and SLU Centennial Village). Ride a tricycle going to the nearest drop-off point to the Bayocboc Falls (near sitio Bising going further down from Banao) then take a hike and ask directions along the way.
b) go to LA UNION. From Manila take a bus bound to any of these: La Union, Candon City, Vigan City, Abra and Laoag City. But you have to get down at Barangay Banangan (after Sablan town proper) particularly at the intersection of Calot-Kamog- Pappa Provincial road (the road going to Sablan National High School and SLU Centennial Village). Ride a tricycle going to the nearest drop-off point to the Bayocboc Falls (near sitio Bising going further down from Banao) then take a hike and ask directions along the way.

Please visit first their Municipal Hall and look for the Officer in-charged with their Tourism so they can endorse you to the Barangay concerned.
A local guide is very helpful.

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