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From the Ilocano word "PURAW" meaning "WHITE". "Kapurpurawan" may mean "where the whites are" or "at its whiteness"

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-my pagnapagna-
March 15,2014
(This is a continuation of the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse pagnapagna)

At a waiting shed at a corner along the highway, where another road leads to the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, i asked one of the tricycle drivers on how to get to the "Kapurpurawan Rock Formation". He showed me a laminated piece of paper where the cost of fare going to any tourist spot in the area are enumerated (See "Tricycle Tourist Rental Guide" below for details).
With him as the driver, we went north bound along the highway (11:54 am) then a few minutes later, we turned left to a newly constructed road going west (12:03 am) but we had to stop and pay first around 10 to 15 pesos at a hut by the roadside (it must have been an entrance fee of some sort). Going farther down the road we passed by areas where they were erecting the new "Wind turbines" just like those of the "Bangui Wind Mills". We finally arrived at a parking area at 12:10 pm.

One of the areas by the roadside near the seashore but still on the top of the hills, where parts of  "wind turbines" can be seen.
Together with the tricycle driver, we went down from the parking area through a concreted steps that led to the rocky seacoast below and went on to see the rock formations through a trail (You also have the option to ride a horse for a fee).

An artwork

Along the way is an artwork by an Ilocano-Ibaloi sculptor "Paul Quiano".

The iconic Kapurpurawan Rock Formation as seen from a distance

Unfortunately, the iconic rock formation is now "touch-me-not". My guide, the tricycle driver said that  the authorities forbids the public from going near the more popular rock formation to avoid graffiti and other damaging effects that man-exposure may bring. Well, one can still go to the much bigger rock formation beside it.

I  also had my photos taken. I did not linger much in the area as the noon sun was scourging hot even when the wind is blowing. I decided to go back.

Everybody strikes a pose

We headed back to the parking area and from there, rode the tricycle (12:35 pm) and arrived at downtown municipality of Burgos, Ilocos Norte at 12:45 pm. I paid the tricycle driver, went at their plaza and took some photos after which i rode a mini-bus (1:15 pm) going to Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte to buy "Biscocho breads"  (arrived there at 2:00 pm). I eventually went back to Laoag City (2:45 pm) through a jeep and rode another jeep going to Vintar, Ilocos Norte where i spent some quality time with my father who lives with my sister.

-end of pagnapagna-


Tourist Spot                                                             *Fare (+50)

Lighthouse                                                                100.oo Php
REFMAD Dragon Fruit Farm (Paayas)                     200.oo Php
Kapurpurawan (White Rock Formation)                   200.oo Php
Palpallukada                                                             200.oo Php
Avis Falls                                                                 300.oo Php
Kaangrian Falls                                                        500.oo Php
Windmill                                                                   200.oo Php
Pagudpud (Centro)                                                   200.oo Php

Maximum of three (3) passengers per tricycle, Php 50.oo will be charged per head in additional thereof. If starting point is from the town proper of Burgos, Ilocos Norte or is ferried from one tourist spot to another, additional Php 50.oo will be charged. Maximum waiting time is one (1) hour except in Kaangrian Falls which will be four (4) hours.

Note : *Good as of date
Subject    :  KAPURPURAWAN Rock Formation
Location  :  Municipality of Burgos
                    Province of Ilocos Norte

How to get there:
From Manila, ride a bus bound for Laoag City (Ilocos Norte).
Then at Laoag City, ride a tricycle going to the Mini-bus terminal bound for Cagayan where there are also vans bound for Pagudpud or go to the terminal of jeeps bound for Dumalneg. All of which passes by the town of Burgos. Just tell the driver to get you down at the intersection where another road leads to the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. 
(Located some few minutes after the Lighthouse area and few minutes before the Burgos town proper). At the intersection, ride a tricycle going to the seaside where the "Kapurpurawan Rock Formation" is located

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