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HIKING THE TRAIL between the two Waterfalls (Tili ti Nuang to Tangadan) 1st attempt

" Tili ti Nuang falls is a tributary that leads to Tangadan falls.We did not hiked the shortest distance from one to the other but for me, it was another personal feat"

Please practice the leave no trace outdoor ethics when going to these nature places. Let us not vandalize, put graffiti on their rocks and stone walls. Manage and dispose our waste products properly.

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-my pagnapagna-
(June 2014)

The two of us arrived at downtown Bagulin at 5:57 in the morning through a tricycle ride from the bus stop at the Plaza of Naguilian, La Union.
At Bagulin town proper, we were asked to log-in at the police station as the Municipal Hall had not yet opened at that time. There, we were welcomed by friendly policemen headed by Police Inspector Juanbe. They gave us the station's contact number just in case we needed it then they offered us some coffee. After which we thanked them and went on our way crossing the river through a hanging bridge to get us to the motorbike terminal area at the other side.

Municipal Hall of Bagulin
The main hanging bridge going to the other side

We rode a passenger motorbike going up to the mountain barangay of Cardiz (Upper). Arrived at the drop-off area at 6:45 am where a sign says "To Tili Nuang Falls".

the drop-off area at Upper Cardiz
We paid the motorbike driver and started walking along a dirt road going down from the main road. Until we arrived at a waiting shed and rested there for a while (7:10 am).
We passed by some rice fields and constantly asked people directions when we meet one along the trail. Farther down, we passed by a short hanging bridge (7:32 am).

A hanging bridge to the other side where more rice fields are located
Then went back up to another rice field area by the mountainside. The trail on that part was confusing as there were many rice field earthen walls to walk on and sometimes leads to a dead end. We decided to go down to the river and see the hanging bridge and a small waterfall instead.

The small waterfall
From the river we went up again to a trail by the mountainside and into another rice fields (Terraces) where we saw a farmer.
We introduced ourselves to her and asked directions going to Tili ti Nuang Falls.
On our course of conversation, I asked her why most of them usually regard people coming to their place as "Gold Hunters"? She explained that at some point in time there were some people who visited them and planned to make an irrigation dam at their place particularly at the river.  But then these people were unexpectedly went digging and searching for other things (treasures) which were not acceptable.

The lady farmer whom we asked directions
She added, back in her college years, she was once enrolled at one of the schools at San Fernando City, La Union.
"Ala sige ngarud tatnu makita da mut ti pintas ti ayan mi" (okay, go ahead so they can see the beauty of our place) she ended.
We thanked her and went down to see the cascades by the river and decided to take a dip.

We needed some refreshing dip at the shallow lower cascades

Along the river, we walked upstream passing by a river bend and just few meters up was the Tili ti Nuang waterfalls.
The pools of the waterfalls were deep and looked like there were some crevices down there. 
Few meters upstream of the main cascade was a left undone hanging bridge. It was not yet finished and i think it was still the same thing i saw when i came there last year.

a video of Tili ti Nuang falls and cascades

Tili ti Nuang Falls and me

And now we had to get to San Gabriel.
Few meters down the base of the unfinished hanging bridge was a trail. We walked on this trail leading to patches of farmland and then lost trace of the trail. We went up and found an off-beaten trail going up the mountainside then lost trace of it again until we came upon a wooden small house with smoke coming from the wood furnace below the house but there seemed to be no one around (10:27 am). We continued walking going up and lost trace of the trail again, passing some patches of mountainside gardens of ginger until we came upon another trail where along it we met an old woman whom we asked directions. She was a friendly one who smiled when she speaks and said that just go on that trail, you will eventually see the road.

the hiking continued along the mountain forest

We thanked her and went on the trail which eventually led to a residential area (Barangay Apayao). There we went to a store to get something to drink (10:59 am).
The store owner was a little bit skeptic about us as we were strangers. With proper introduction and smiles we eventually had her confidence of trusting us. (Perhaps, we should not only log-in to the municipality of Bagulin but also with that of San Gabriel. As we were crossing the boundaries of the two municipalities). 
We had some 1.5 liters of warm soft drinks as she said that they do not have a refrigerator. We also bought some crackers "kropek" where she gave us a plate of vinegar to dip on. After some few conversations, we paid and went to the road nearby (11:19 am).

at barangay Apayao

At the concreted road, we walked and passed by the welcome marker of Barangay Apayao at 11:49 am until we took a rest at a waiting shed by 12 noon. We had our little packed lunch there and rested.
At 12:25 pm, we continued walking, passed by an Elementary school at barangay Amontoc (1:39 pm).

A view along the way (on concrete road) going down to barangay Amontoc

At around 2 pm, we arrived at a place called "Siwsiwan". Crossed the rice fields through a concreted pedestrian foot path that led to a main road. At a store nearby, we filled our bottle with drinking water.

At the "Siwsiwan" area of barangay Amontoc. 
This was our turning point going to the road to Tangadan Falls area

We continued walking, and eventually arrived at Tangadan Falls at 3:25 pm.

Tangadan Falls, finally but not yet finished.

Tired and sweaty, we departed Tangadan Falls at 3:40 pm. Passed by the mini-irrigation dam at 4:45 pm and finally arrived at a waiting shed near Duplas Barangay Hall of San Juan, La Union at 4:58 pm.
While we were at the waiting shed, it rained. Few minutes later we rode a tricycle going to downtown San Gabriel, La Union and eventually rode a jeep going back to Home Sweet Home but realizing, i forgot my blue hat at the waiting shed (Unfortunately, I lost it).

-end of pagnapagna-

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Short video clip of our hike and a snake we saw near one of the falls

UPDATE on Tangadan Falls:
"Tangadan is crowding up"
As of March year 2015, 
Tangadan Falls had a significant increase in terms of tourist arrival. 
The local government is now constructing Public Toilets and there is also a rumor of them putting up a viewing deck. 
Along the trail (Via Duplas) there are sari-sari stores on sheds where you can have stop-overs and buy munchies and drinks (on some days but mostly on weekends and holidays). They also have a spring flowing (on a hose) where you can get water. 
If you like the peace and quiet, try going on weekdays where there are fewer people going.

Below is a year 2015 (Month of March) Video Clip of the place.

Subject  : Tili ti Nuang Falls
Location : Sitio Pat-og
                Barangay of Cardiz
                Municipality of Bagulin
                Province of La Union

How to get there:
From Manila take a bus bound for any of these Nortwest Luzon places : Laoag City (Ilocos Norte), Bangued (Abra), Vigan City (Ilocos Sur), Candon City (Ilocos Sur) and San Fernando City (La Union). 
You have to get down at the Bus stop near the Town Plaza of Bauang, La Union (just before the Bauang Municipal Hall which is across the road). The Municipality of Bauang is located just after the town of Caba, La Union and just before the city of San Fernando, La Union.
At the Bus stop which is a waiting shed, walk your way northwards to the intersection. A road intersects the main highway coming from the east which is called Naguilian road (The road goes all the way up to Baguio City).
Walk some few meters going east at the intersecting Road (Naguilian Road).
There will be an array or stalls of eateries (Carinderia or locally called turo-turo) on the roadside. You may wait for jeeps bound for The Municipality of Naguilian, La Union there. Naguilian, La Union is the next town from Bauang, La Union going east.
You may also walk further passing by the eateries and into the public waiting shed (fronting the Public Library). At the waiting shed, wait for the mini-Buses bound for Baguio City and get down at Naguilian, La Union Town Plaza.
At the plaza you may now hire a tricycle to transport you to the interior town of Bagulin, La Union.
You will get down in front of Bagulin Municipal Hall.
Ask directions going to Barangay Cardiz from the policemen around.
Walk your way to the Hanging bridge and cross the river with the said hanging bridge. At the other side of the river, there will be a waiting shed located at the end of the hanging bridge. Just follow the footpath or trail going up, it will lead you to a cemented road above. Passenger motorcycles are parked here, you may now hire one of these motorcycle (with a driver) to take you to the “drop-off point” at Barangay Cardiz.
The “drop-off point” is near a steel tower and a waiting shed.
Walk your way down to Barangay Lower Cardiz and start hiking on dirt road, trails and on top of rice terraces’ walls.
Ask directions from people you pass by. Enjoy the views and the experience along the way until you get to the “Tili ti Nuang Falls”.
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