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"Calibus" Falls

"We had our "pit-stop" at a farmers' shed on top of a mountain. Up there, it was a "wide-open-spaces" ambiance where there was an unobstructed view of the distant cordillera mountains and the low-lying rice fields at the other side"

Please practice the leave no trace outdoor ethics when going to these nature places.
Let us not vandalize, put graffiti on their rocks and stone walls. 
Manage and dispose our waste products properly.

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This is the continuation of our day travel on August 13, 2014 wherein after visiting Suyo, Ilocos Sur for its waterfalls, we went to Bangar, La Union.

-my pagnapagna-
At Bangar, La Union (2:50 pm), we went to ride on a passenger motorbike at a vacant fenced lot located at the back of their public market that served as their terminal.
There were 3 of us on the passenger motorbike (including the driver) which went eastward (3:04 pm) taking that road beside the convent of St. Christoper Church. The ride continued going uphill and later on we turned right from the main road into a rice field area where we went down from the passenger motorbike (3:26 pm).
We walked on some rice fields and passed by some 2 to 3 houses along the way that includes a creek. From the creek we hiked uphill and I said "Asideg tan ba? maysa aldaw pay? hehe" (Are we near? One day more? hehe). I said that just to start a conversation and also it was tiring going uphill, we deserve some laugh. After going through a line of trees, we can now see a shed above a slope of vegetable field. We finally arrived at the shed (3:41 pm) where a puppy greeted us wagging his tail.

At the farmers' shed is this puppy

At the shed, they were frying peanuts which they served afterwards together with hot coffee. Present there where the father of my companion and his cousin who were tenant farmers and "Atilano" who resides near the area, probably owns the land where they were farming and he also was a farmer.

Fried peanut is served here at the farmers' shed

"Apan kayo mangala a ti paltong dita ta imbag la iyawid yu" (Go and pick some bean plant's tops so you can bring it home) his father said. So we went to get some. 

Getting "paltong" (string bean tops) among the corns

Knowing that the place is Sitio "Bubon aso" of barangay Castro of the municipality of Sudipen still in the province of La Union, I asked "Apay nga pinanaganan da nga Bubon aso ditoy?" (Why did they call this place Bubon Aso?) Atilano replied "Ada gamin ti lakay nga adda aso na idi. Diyay aso na ket kinurob na dyay pila nga kasta rimuar ti danum" (There was an old man before with his dog. The dog dug the bedrock and water came out). 

Ilocano             "Bubon"                  "Aso"

Tagalog            "Balon"                    "Aso"
English              "Well" (water well)   "Dog"

Afterwards, we prepared to go down to the waterfalls (4:18 pm). They got their cows and carabaos (water buffaloes) to drink down at the creek and left them there while we all went walking on a trail beside the mountain.

Going down to the creek below with their cow and carabaos
a grassland trail going down to the waterfalls
Still walking down along the trail near the waterfalls

The trail led us down to the base of the lower level waterfalls.

At the lower level Waterfall
We went back up on the trail to get us to the creek on top of the lower level waterfall (4:48 pm). We walked along the creek and arrived at the middle level waterfall.

The middle level waterfall
At the middle level waterfall, we climb on the rock-faced wall to get us to the upper level waterfall.

Going to the upper level

The upper level waterfall has two small cascades, a right side and left side cascade. From there we went up at the side of the waterfall into the creek above (5:10 pm).

The "Group" with Atilano as our main guide (further left)
(minus my companion who took the photograph here). This is the main or upper level waterfalls

We walked along the creek to where they left their cows and carabaos drinking.
"Anya ngay nagan na didyay nga waterfalls?" (What is the name of that waterfalls?) I asked Atilano. He replied "Awan mut ti nagan na nga ammok" (It has no name that i know of). Silly, my companion suggested to Atilano "Ipanagan mu nagan mun" (Name it with your name). "He he he, anyan, haan a baka ada ti talaga nga nagan na dayta" (he he he, can't be, it may have a real name that we do not know) i butted. Atilano said "bubon-aso" which can not also be because that is named already to another waterfalls in the same barangay (village). He then said "Calibus". I did not further asked why it is called "Calibus" which i regret later on why i did not.
They got their carabaos and went back up to the mountainside to their shed while the two of us went the other way back (5:15 pm) into the roadside. We walked and walked hoping that their will be available passenger motorbike that will pass by but there were none. After walking some more, we finally arrived at a barangay hall area (probably barangay Castro)(6:09 pm) where we rode a tricycle going back to Bangar town plaza along the national highway. There (6:20 pm), my companion rode another tricycle and went home while i took a bus going back to Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

Notes: "Calibus" is not the official name of these waterfalls. 
These waterfalls may only have waters during rainy season.

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