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TANGADAN Falls with sidetrip to KILAT Falls

"I sat down and watched as water rushes down like million furious horses scamper towards their destiny

Just two days after the onslaught of typhoon "Mario" (international name "Fung-Wong"), i decided to visit Tangadan Falls on its fully loaded state and see the Kilat Falls along the way.

My plan was to ride a tricycle up to sitio Kilat and walk my way up but i changed my mind and rode a passenger motorcycle all the way up to nearest drop-off point to Tangadan Falls.

Please practice the leave no trace outdoor ethics when going to these nature places.
Let us not vandalize, put graffiti on their rocks and stone walls. 
Manage and dispose our waste products properly.

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-my pagnapagna-

I bought bananas at San Gabriel public market as my "pack lunch". Rode a passenger motorcycle (9:40 am), passed by sitio Kilat, sitio Siwsiwan until we arrived at the drop-off point where there was a waiting shed (10:18 am). The motorcycle cannot go further down because of the steep, mossy, slippery downhill road. 
The driver will also just wait for me in that area to bring me back to downtown San Gabriel after i will come back from the Tangadan Falls.
From there, I walked my way down on the still moist mossy road. It was slippery that I carefully walked my way down. Thanks to a small concrete humps at the side of the road that served as little steps. Where there were no small concrete humps, I walked on the bare soil at the sides of the road which was safer. 

one of the final stretch of concrete road going to Tangadan Falls area.
In the mornings, where the grounds were still wet, the concrete roads were slippery
because of the moss that covers the surface specially at the steep portions.

Because it's rainy season, there were some few springs along the way and not to mention the branches and leaves scattered by the recent typhoon.

One of the springs that were present during these rainy days

the road partially cleared from fallen mango tree brought down by the recent typhoon

On my way down at the mountain side, I can see a small waterfall cascading near where Tangadan Falls is located. 
I reached the river at around some few minutes before eleven o'clock. 
There it was, Tangadan Falls in its fury.

Tangadan Falls

After some few minutes, I went back on the trail and left Tangadan Falls (11:54 am)
Going up on the mountain side trail was no walk in the park. I had many stop over to rest and catch some breathe. I finally arrived at the drop-off area (12:56 pm) where there was a waiting shed and where the passenger motorcycle was waiting.
I rode back on the passenger motorcycle and went down the road to sitio Kilat to see another waterfall called Kilat Falls.
Along the way, the driver and I conversed a lot. 
"Idi kalman ada pay intulod ko dita Tangadan, naka motor da ti dadakkel. Taga Manila da" (Yesterday, I guided some people to Tangadan. They have big bikes. They are from Manila) the driver said. "Nagpintas pay diyay camera da ta uray mabasa okey lang" (Their camera was great because it was okay even if it gets wet) he added. Knowing that, I think I recently knew one of them from facebook and added him as a friend.
We arrived at sito Kilat by the riverside where I went down to see Kilat Falls at the other side of the river.

Kilat Falls

After taking some photographs and videos, we went back to downtown San Gabriel where I rode a jeepney going back to Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

Video of a roadside waterfall and one near Tangadan falls. (With water only during rainy seasons)

Video of Tangadan Falls during rainy season. In this case, 2 days after typhoon "Mario"

Video of Kilat Falls during rainy season. Two days after typhoon "Mario".

"Tangadan is crowding up"
As of March year 2015, 
Tangadan Falls had a significant increase in terms of tourist arrival. 
There are also an announced and rumors of celebrities visiting the place (contributing to the crowd increase).

The local government is now constructing Public Toilets and there is also a rumor of them putting up a viewing deck. 
Along the trail (Via Duplas) there are sari-sari stores on sheds where you can have stop-overs and buy munchies and drinks (on some days but mostly on weekends and holidays). They also have a spring flowing (on a hose) where you can get water. 
If you like the peace and quiet, try going on weekdays where there are fewer people going.

Below is a year 2015 (Month of March) Video Clip of the place.

As of September 2016, every visitors are required to register and pay a certain fee at the San Gabriel PNP (Police) office.

Subject  : Kilat Falls and Tangadan Falls
Location : Barangay
                Municipality of San Gabriel
                Province of La Union

How to get there:
From Manila take a bus bound to any of these: Laoag, Vigan, Candon, Abra but get down to any of these places in La Union namely: San Fernando, San Juan or Bacnotan Then from there get a jeepney bound for San Gabriel.

And when in San Gabriel, La Union:

A) Amontoc via Sitio Kilat
(For Kilat Falls and Tangadan Falls)
(recommended during rainy season)-This takes about 3 hours if you are going to hike it (uphill on cemented road and believe me it's very tiring ... good for hikers!) . When you get to sitio Kilat of Barangay Bumbuneg:
Ask where is Kilat falls, it is just nearby. 
To Tangadan Falls, get the uphill road going to barangay Amontoc and when you reach a point where the road ends ask for directions going down to the falls (there are only one or two houses there) .
-At downtown San Gabriel, you can also get a Backseat ride on a single motor bike up to the drop off point (end of the road or wherever the road is passable) then take some 15 minutes  or more downhill hike to the falls below.

B) Duplas via Bucao
(For Tangadan Falls only)
(recommended for summer hike, dangerous during rainy season)-This is a faster way but have to walk along rocky riverside and sometimes crossing the river at knee deep depending on the season (rainy season-deeper river and may not even be passable).
From downtown San Gabriel, hire a tricycle to bring you to Duplas which passes through barangay Bucao  (just tell them you are going to the drop-off point to Tangadan Falls at barangay Duplas -upper) near Dagup. You may ask for direction there and hike your way to the waterfalls along the river for about 1 hour to 2 hours.

Note: You may also visit the San Gabriel, La Union Municipal Hall for more inquiries.

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