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Up-uplas, Sudipen, La Union fet. Kaladanganan, Gipit and Ken Badol Falls (almost Summer)

"Way back in my college days, we visited this place courtesy of our schoolmate 'Caesar', a resident of Up-uplas who is now in Canada. Back then, the road leading to this place was still not cemented, we have to walk a couple of hours to reach this barangay along the Amburayan river at the back of the mountains. It was very exhausting as it was my first time to do a lengthy walk and not to mention the uphills"

Please let us practice the LNT (Leave No Trace) outdoor ethics/principles when going to these nature places.

Manage our waste products properly (pack it in, pack it out), don't leave your trash. Let us not vandalize/write/etch on its rock surfaces as well as on trees. Be respectful of the community's culture and traditions.

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-my pagnapagna-

At downtown Sudipen, La Union (7:58 am), I went to buy bananas at their small public market. That will be my snack if ever i got to do some walking at barangay Up-uplas. 
I asked the vendor "Manang, kasatnu mapan idiay Up-uplas?" (Ma'am, how can i go to barangay Up-uplas?). 
"Aglugan ka a ti jeep wenno motor" (take a ride on a jeep or passenger motorbike) she answered back.

I rode on a passenger motorbike which was the best one to take going to barangay Up-uplas. It is more convenient than waiting for many hours inside a jeep to depart.
The entry point is the same one going to Alilem, Ilocos Sur via Sudipen, La Union. Along the way, we turned right to a secondary road from the main road along the rice fields and into the mountains.
We arrived at barangay Up-uplas proper and went to see the barangay captain at the barangay hall (8:13 am).
The barangay officials were all busy preparing foods. I've known that they were expecting visitors particularly from the Veterinary department who will be doing "sungpit" (insemination) on the local carabaos (water buffaloes).
Through the help of the driver of the passenger motorbike i rode on, I talked to the barangay captain about seeing their waterfalls in their area. He was also very busy in the preparation, he said that his "kagawads" (councilors) were also busy, some of them were still in the ricefields but to my surprise the barangay captain volunteered to accompany and show me the waterfalls.
He got his machete and we went walking towards the concreted dikes along the Amburayan river (8:17 am). 

walking on top of the river dike

He said that taking this route along the Amburayan river during summer is better than walking uphill at the mountains. 

along the Amburayan river

Few minutes walking along the banks of the Amburayan river, we turned right towards the rice fields. At a hut we met his wife and son who were there to manage the harvesting of rice in their farm.

the ricefield area

 Afterwards we went on our way into the mountain side and saw "Kaladanganan" falls. 

"Kaladanganan" Falls with just dripping waters at that time

Unfortunately, water was just dripping. It is nearly on its dry state so we went to the other tributary where we saw the "Gipit" falls. 
The "Gipit" falls has water falling in it. 

With the Barangay Captain at "Gipit" Falls

Farmers tapped its waters above through hoses to irrigate their farms. 
After getting some photos and videos, we went to see "Ken Badol" falls. 

Along the way, at the Amburayan river,
we saw his son fishing
"Ken Badol" Falls

At "Ken Badol" falls, we went up to its cascade to see some small pool areas above. 
The Barangay Captain helped me a lot in going up on its slippery-looking rock surfaces. 

going up at "Ken Badol" falls

At the waterfalls, we met manong "Romualdo" along with his dogs, they were going up to hunt some wild cat (musang) and monitor lizards locally known as "banyas".

The barangay captain talking with mang "Romualdo"

Afterwards, we went to see another waterfall near the barangay proper called "Ken Dayos" falls. 

one of the carabaos presented for insemination.
They said it was still young for the process

Unfortunately, "Ken Dayos" Falls was also nearing its dry stage.
Later on, we went to his place to see some stone carvings he had made. 
His place looked like a small garden resort with some antiques and the artsy stone carvings on display. 
By the way, if i heard it right, he knows the Korean stone carver who made most of the stone/rock carvings at a resort in Luna, La Union.
Afterwards, the barangay captain invited me to eat lunch with them as they had prepared food for their special visitors from the Veterinary department of the local government. Some of them came from DMMMSU-NLUC of Bacnotan, La Union a University known for forestry and agriculture.
I joined in with the eating (feeling lucky). We ate, to name some of the prepared food, harvest from the Amburayan river of some crayfish and local small fish called "Tibek", kilaweng udang (a kind of crayfish salad), chicken adobo and dinuguang pato (a duck recipe).
After the lunch of some delicious "local" foods. I thanked them and went back to downtown Sudipen, La Union where i got a bus going back to Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

I had promised the Barangay Captain that i will be making a painting something "Up-uplas" which i will be giving it to them just before or on their barangay fiesta, i hope to finish it by then.

Special thanks to Barangay Captain Noli Cong-o and the people i met and welcomed me.

Subject  : Ken Badol Falls, Ken Dayos Falls and Botilaw Falls
Location : Barangay of Up-uplas
                Municipality of Sudipen

                Province of La Union

How to get there: 
From Manila, ride a bus going to these Northwestern luzon areas : Laoag City (Ilocos Norte), Vigan City (Ilocos Sur), Candon City (Ilocos Sur), Bangued (Abra) but you have to get down at Sudipen, La Union town proper at the "Narra" tree.
Look for passenger motorbikes around and say you will be going to barangay Up-uplas particularly at their Barangay Hall.
At Up-uplas barangay hall area, look for the Barangay Captain who will be more than willing to welcome visitors to their place.

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