Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bussaoit Dam

"The dam's man-made lake is the largest I've seen in La Union"
After coming from the "Dambana" and DMMMSU-NLUC (Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University- North La Union Campus), we rode a jeep going to Bacnotan, La Union town proper.

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-my pagnapagna-

From the bus stop along the national highway at Bacnotan, La Union, we rode a tricycle going towards east (3:25 pm) and passed by the Bacnotan Municipal Hall and church. We continued going towards east then as we got near barangay Bussaoit we turned left towards the residential area and finally at the mini-dam just at the base of the mountains.
We took shelter at the small storage shed near the spillway of the dam as it rained.
Few minutes later, the rain stopped and we continued walking going up at the sloped, packed earth that serves as the barrier to contain the water of the Dam.

The road to the dam seen here at the lower right side of the photo

We can feel the heat radiating from the ground and the humidity was high as we walked.

The sloped packed earth of the dam

At the top, there it was a man-made lake which is wider than Imelda lake of Burgos, La Union. 

At the Dam with the man-made lake

This man-made lake must be teeming with fishes as we can see them from time to time jumping out of the water.
We were sweating hard. It was really hot that day.
After a few minutes, we went down and walked towards the residential area.
 Along the way, we rode a tricycle going back to the national highway at downtown Bacnotan where we got a mini-bus ride going back to Home Sweet Home.

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Subject  : Bussaoit Dam
Location : Barangay Bussaoit
                Municipality of Bacnotan
                Province of La Union

How to get there:

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