Monday, December 22, 2014


"At the end of every journey is a Home Sweet Home"

There are more waiting to be discovered in the
Cordilleras and Ilocos Region.
Looking forward to more adventures and misadventures, meaningful and heartfelt PAGNAPAGNAs for 2015
meanwhile, here is a recap:


Month of June

Dadaay rice terraces
This upland barangay in the municipality of Alilem has numerous waterfalls and some of them supply waters to their rice terraces.
Going up there is through motorbikes, jeep or an uphill hike.

La Union Centennial Tree
Month of January

Visiting one, two or all of these is like visiting our great great great grand father. Silently, it is telling us something.
They had withstood the test of time for more or less a hundred years that continued until to this day and hopefully to the future.

Tangadan Falls
Month of April 

This is one of the most visited waterfalls in the province of La Union.
I went to Tangadan falls during "Sabado Gloria" (Black Saturday) and witnessed how people celebrated in this part of San Gabriel, La Union

Tangadan Falls
Month of July

I Google mapped "Tili ti Nuang" and Tangadan Falls and found out that they are in the same tributary, with "Tili ti Nuang" at the far upstream.
From Bagulin, La Union, we hiked to get us to Tangadan Falls at San Gabriel, La Union.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
Month of March

During my visit to my ailing dear father in Ilocos Norte who just recently passed-away and rested in peace, I also went to see some of the tourist spots nearby. One of those places was the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.

Ken Ngilawen Burial Cave
Month of June

Two simply carved logs underneath a big boulder served as their final resting place at the mountain barangay of Alilem, Ilocos Sur.

Mt. Gedgedayan
Month of August

The place has many waterfalls that can be seen from the old Municipal Hall.
Named after the Ifugao god, Mt. Kabunian is one of the premier hiking destination in Bakun Benguet and included in the "Bakun Trio" consisting of Mount Lobo, Mount Kabunian and Mount Tenglawan.

Bacnotan Public Market
Month of September

My second of my "series-to-be" explorations of Public Supermarkets, Bacnotan, La Union is another convergence of "walks of life". As I said it before, it's a jungle in there.

Sacdol Springs
Month of March

Eager to see Hot Springs for the first time, I went on my own to the unfrequented barangay Sacdol of Sablan, Benguet. Luckily, I get to meet one of the locals along the way who showed me the Hot springs.

Poro Point Lighthouse
Month of January

It was one of my "unforgettable" experience on top of a lighthouse overlooking the city lights of San Fernando while the light keeper fixes the lighting system and it was at nighttime. 

Mankayan Municipal hall
Month of April

At Mankayan, Benguet, I met a man together with his dog who became my guide going to Deccan Falls.

Month of March

Naturally sculpted rocks at the shores of Burgos, Ilocos Norte. The wind turbines constructed along the area is also a sight to see.

Bacsil Ridge
Month of January

The monument was constructed as a war memorial on a ridge of a mountain and the area is a favorite to many cyclist.

Frogs at Kinmadilyan
Month of October

Jumping its way up to Number one as the most viewed PAGNAPAGNA blog post of the year 2014 is the Kinmadilyan Falls.

Although tragic for them as they were soon became the "recipe of the day" and ended in someone's tummy, these frogs were in the spotlight.

I happened to witness how they catch frogs at the creek below the Kinmadilyan Falls.

Other PAGNAPAGNAs of 2014

         15- TEKIP falls of Bakun
         16- SIBUAN-OTONG Falls
         17- KIBKIBULAN Falls
         20- Freedom Park
         23- "MANDING's" waterfalls
         29- "Calibus" Falls
         31- Bussaoit Dam
         32- The forgotten Dambana

For Last year's yearender (2012-2013 my Pagnapagna that was) CLICK HERE

A walkback on PAGNAPAGNAs of 2014


         1- Spanish Watchtower #10 Badoc (Ilocos Norte) - November 2013
         2- WATERFALLS of La Union - December 2012
         3- Tangadan Falls - July 2012
         4- ANTONG FALLS - July 2013
         5- Spanish Watchtower #7 Narvacan (Ilocos Sur) - October 2013
         6- AW-ASEN Falls of Sigay - July 2012
         7- TUDDINGAN Falls - July 2012
         8- ZIM-SIM-UG Twin Falls of Arosip Ecotrail - October 2013
         9- PINSAL Falls of Ilocos Sur - January 2013
         10 - "ISEM" (Smile) Town's Waterfalls - December 2012
         11- Off the Beaten Path .. San Gabriel Waterfalls - November 2012
         12- Guinabang Falls - July 2013
         13-  Tinge of Chinese at San Fernando City, La Union - February 2013
         14- TOWING falls of Sablan - December 2013

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