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TOWING FALLS fet. uppermost cascades

"We went back to Sablan, Benguet to complete our account of the different cascades of the tiered Towing Falls"
 Please practice the leave no trace outdoor ethics when going to these nature places. Let us not vandalize, put graffiti on their rocks and stone walls. Manage and dispose our waste products properly.  

The individual tiers of Towing falls can easily be accessed and requires just short walks to the different levels.
This is my third time to visit Towing falls and here is the account of our journey to the said waterfalls.

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-my pagnapagna-
(December 18, 2014 a Thursday)

We arrived at Sablan town proper at around 11:20 in the morning and went to eat at a restaurant for our lunch.
Around 30 minutes pass noon, we walked down the road until we reached the jump-off area. There, we asked a passerby if he knows someone who can guide us to the uppermost cascade of the waterfalls. He introduced us to our "guide to be" (sorry, but I did not get his name) and so "our guide" got his machete and we went walking down the concreted steps.
I reiterated that we want to see the "uppermost" level and the one in-between the "main" and "lowermost". Although, I have seen the one in-between the "main" and the "lowermost", I would like to see it from the eye-level as i have only seen it from the top. In that way, I can see its cascade in its entirety looking at it in front view.
The stairs led as to the main level of Towing falls where we crossed the creek just at the tip of the "in-between" cascade. At the other side, we walked uphill on a trail that led to the uppermost level. It was just a short walk of around 8 minutes from the main waterfalls.

Going down from the trail into the base of the "uppermost" cascade of the Towing Falls

We lingered there for a while taking photos and videos.

At the "uppermost" Cascades
Few meters away from "uppermost" is the tip of the drop-off of the "main" cascade.
Shown above is our guide and my companion at the top of the "main" cascade

We went back on the same trail and headed back to the "main" cascade of the waterfalls and from there we went down to the "in-between cascade" through a short rope that was already there. We clung on that rope going down at the rocks (around 8 to 10 ft. high).
This one has a single and short cascade that goes down into a pool area. The pool then pours down to the "lowermost" cascade.

just below the "main" cascade is this, the "in-between" cascade
At the "in-between" cascade, the top of the "lowermost" cascade can be seen.
Photo shows waters cascading down to a pool area or bowl

We went back to the main cascade where we parted with our guide. We let him go ahead while we lingered there for a while enjoying the view. Laid on our backs on top of a dry bedrock enjoying the cool breeze of mountain air as clouds gloom the afternoon Sablan sky.

Photo shows locals at the "main" Towing falls.
For their safety, while enjoying its waters, they never ventured at the deep area

Time's up, we need to leave the place and call it a day as we walked on the steps going up to the roadside. 
At the roadside, we got a minibus that eventually led us back to Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

A tiered waterfalls, made-up of 4 levels. 
Going down the concreted steps and steel stairs will lead to the highest of all 4 tiers or waterfalls and regarded as the "Main" Towing falls with the widest and deepest pool area or bowl. In this area, as one looks down, the "lowermost" and the "in-between" can be seen (their tops) while the uppermost can't be seen as it is obstructed by the rock face of the main waterfall.

Above are the Different Levels of the tiered Towing Falls.
  1- Uppermost
  2- Main 
     (where the steps leads and it's the highest) 
  3- Lower 
     (regarded as "in-between" cascade in my blogpost & its the shortest)
  4- Lowermost

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Subject : TOWING Falls
Location: Sitio Towing
               Barangay of Lower Poblacion
               Municipality of Sablan
               Province of Benguet

How to get there:

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