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Amburayan river short walk featuring LA UNION's provincial WELCOME ARCHES

"From a distance, these Welcome Arches look like a portion of a giant elaborate engagement rings, a union proposal of the province to each and everyone passing through"
These Welcome Arches are the first greeters when one enters the territorial boundaries of a certain place through roads. They greatly reflect the character of each place they serve upon. They are also there not just to welcome but also to impress, as they say, first impressions last.
This time let's take a look at the provincial Welcome arches of La Union.

I went to the northernmost municipality of the province to take a look at the Welcome arch before a bridge at Sudipen, La Union and took a short walk along the Amburayan river.

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-my pagnapagna-

At around 7:30 in the morning, i was at the provincial Welcome arch taking photos and videos. A few minutes later, i decided to go down by the Amburayan river and take a walk.
Here were the photos i took on my short walk along the Amburayan river.

The Amburayan bridge as seen from a distance
Look what I found. A beer bottle
A shed along the river
Inside the shed hangs this sign
He was washing a big pan by the river
rock piles at the river
At a waiting shed by a dirt road, along the river
 hangs a trap for crayfish made from used plastic bottle.
At a shaded area overlooking the stone piles.

After my short walk, I went to Sudipen town proper and near the Municipal Hall, I bought a "pasiking" which i will be using on my short day hikes.

-end of pagnapagna-


1-  Rosario, La Union (Boundary with Sison, Pangasinan)
Located at the Northern end of the Bued bridge along the river of the southern end of Rosario, La Union.

Welcome Arch - Rosario

2-  Sudipen, La Union (Boundary with Tagudin, Ilocos Sur)
Located few meters away from the Amburayan bridge and nearer to the branching road to Alilem, Ilocos Sur of Sudipen, La Union.

Welcome Arch - Sudipen

3-  Burgos, La Union (Boundary with Sablan, Benguet)
Located at the end of barangay Bilis, Burgos, La Union along the Naguilian road going up to Baguio City.

Welcome Arch - Burgos

4-  San Fernando City, La Union 
Located at Aguilar road, a secondary road going up to the La Union Provincial Capitol building.

Welcome Arch - San Fernando City

Video showing the provincial Welcome Arches of La Union

Subject   : La Union
Location  : Province of La Union
                 Region 1 - Ilocos Region
                 Island of Luzon

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