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"A mountain top Eco Park wherein it has rock formations overlooking the La Trinidad valley"
- pagnapagna

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-my pagnapagna-
(March 7, 2015 a Saturday)

At around 6:30 in the morning, I walked on a cemented road going up at a mountainside residential area. 

The road going to Mt. Kalugong from the main highway

Near the summit, the cemented road leads to a fenced area that looked like those of a private subdivisions, complete with a newly being built guardhouse (6:44 am). 

The fenced area with a newly being built guardhouse

I was hesitant to go further inside as there were no people in sight and i might be trespassing. 
I waited for someone to pass by but there was none.
Just few meters fronting the gate was a small house. 
"Good morning, apay ayan na pagnaan mapan dyay Kalugong?" (Good morning, where can i walk to go to Kalugong?) I asked the man inside the small house and he answered, "Dayta diretso, surutem lang dayta dalan. Umuneg ka lang." (Go straight ahead, just follow that road. Just go inside).
Now i'm confident to go inside even if there were no people around (6:53 am). 
Going farther inside, I saw construction workers working at the road. They were paving and concreting the road. 

The road leading to the park is being concreted. 

I walked farther until i arrived at an area where there was some sort of a small village (7:00 am).
That small village is "Mt. Kalugong Eco Park". A man let me log in to their "Guest book" and I paid 50 pesos as an entrance fee.

At the entrance to the park

A sign says:
Do not trample on plants, flowers and small trees
Do not pick, uproot or cut plants, trees and flowers
Do not vandalize trees, rocks and pathways
Burning of shrubs, grass or wood are prohibited
Leave your trash only at designated areas
Smoking, drinking or bringing of liquor is prohibited
Deadly weapons/firearms prohibited
Spitting, "moma spitting" or "moma chewing" is prohibited
Hunting or trapping of birds, fowl or animals is prohibited
Use only designated Comfort Rooms (CRs)
Be careful of sharp rocks, slippery ravines and sledges
Follow designated pathways as much as possible
Children must be accompanied by guardians/parents
 at rock sledges and steep ravines. 
Guest are responsible for their own safety and risk.
 Kalugong management shall not be liable
 for accidents that may arise due to neglect.
No pets allowed.

This place is yours to enjoy.
Keep it clean always.

Sitting area with concreted tables and seats. There is also a picnic area nearby.
At left: "Kasiljas" or Comfort rooms. At right: A poor man's cabin
At left: A cabin at the summit (Cafe). At right: Nipa Huts of the Ifugao's on display

I went to the rock formations and it is the highest part of the area. 
The view  looking towards the La Trinidad valley was breathtaking. 
I think i have fear of heights, especially when i'm at the edge of cliffs. 
Although it would be a great backdrop for a photograph, I did not bother to take a selfie.

The rock formations where one can see the distant La Trinidad Valley.
 The rocks here are jagged, sharp and with lots of crevices.
A zoom-in photo of downtown La Trinidad from the rock formations

It was around  8:30 am when i departed the place and walked my way down, arriving at the main road at 8:47 am. 
Then I went to my next "pagnapagna" which was the Payogpog Falls.

-end of pagnapagna-

For more Photos CLICK HERE

For the other mountain top views overlooking La Trinidad Valley:

These are just short hikes (10 to 30 minutes) to the top from the road.

Mt. Tayawan
Mt. Yangbew
Mt. Peripen Bato 
TRAVERSE: Kalugong-Tayawan-Yangbew
Traversing Mt. Yangbew

Subject  : Mt. Kalugong Eco Park
Location : Barangay Tawang
                Municipality of La Trinidad
                Province of Benguet

How to get there:

From Baguio City, ride a jeep going to La Trinidad that passes Barangay upper Cruz. You can also ride jeeps going to Acop (Tublay) or Shilan (La Trinidad) but get down at Benguet Memorial Services (BMS) in Barangay Cruz (upper). Walk your way up through the road just beside BMS until you arrive at a fenced area with a guardhouse (Subdivision), go inside and keep on walking until the end of the road where the Eco Park is located.


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