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HIKING THE TRAIL between the two Waterfalls (Tangadan & Tili ti Nuang) 4th attempt

"We were almost there"

It rained very hard the day before we went to San Gabriel, La Union. 
We tried again to hike from Tangadan Falls to Tili ti Nuang falls of Bagulin, La Union.

Please practice the leave no trace outdoor ethics when going to these nature places. Let us not vandalize, put graffiti on their rocks and stone walls. Manage and dispose our waste products properly.

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-my pagnapagna-
May 24, 2015 Sunday

At the start of our hike at the river, we noticed that the water had risen. We have to remove our rubber shoes when we crossed at the irrigation dam. The water had swelled a little that it overflowed on some parts of the concrete wall of the irrigation dam.

At the irrigation dam on our way to Tangadan Falls

We continued our hike until we reached the Tangadan falls area. There were some few early visitors that arrived early that morning.

At the Tangadan Falls where the sheds are removed and re-located

"O, nagsapa kayon" (Oh, you are early), Harry said to us. He was cleaning the area particularly at the natural stone viewing/sitting  area of the waterfall where some make-shift sheds with "sari-sari" stores used to be located. 

"Harry" working

He added, "Aguray kayo lang bassit ta i-ayos ko lang dagitoy bago tayo mapan" (Just wait for a while, I'll just do these things before we go). "Harry" is the designated local cleaner of the Tangadan falls area who is also our guide for our hike to Tili-ti Nuang.
We learned from him that they had demolished those structures to clear the area and re-located these just nearby at the concrete steps near the newly constructed comfort rooms.

This is where the sheds used to be.

After some few minutes of waiting, we were all set to go.
We walked going up to the concrete steps and into the residential area above of some two to three houses.
It was exhausting going up.
 We took a rest at a shed just near the houses and there we met mang "Rodrigo". He was in his 70's to late 80's of age. Mang "Rodrigo" told us many stories about the areas along the river upstream and he really knew the specific names of some of the areas and waterfalls even further above Tili ti Nuang. I'm lucky to meet mang "Rodrigo" and i was very thankful that he shared some of the stories that even our guide "Harry" doesn't know. 

He came holding his pet green frog

We thank him and we went on our way still going uphill.
I really got tired on those uphills that i trailed behind and while trailing behind i took some videos and photographs here and there.
We passed above the "Ken Labaw" cave and directly went to the Nakapandagan or "Tag-ed Balakay" Falls.

As we passed-by walking above at the other side of the "Ken Labaw" cave
At the "Tag-ed Balakay" Falls aka "Nakapandagan"
A fallen tree at the pool area of the waterfalls

From the "Tag-ed Balakay" falls we went above and crossed the river to get into the adjacent mountain which is at Bagulin, La Union

After a long walk, it's time to rest even for just some few minutes

It was an all uphill hike until we reached a sitio in barangay Cardiz (Bagulin, La Union).

Along the way near the fields of "cardiz" pea plants, cicadas are so plenty 
that they must be some hundreds clinging to just one trunk of tree. 
Their sounds dominated the area.

 Our guide decided to walk on the side of a steep mountainside (short cut) where they planted some tiger grass which is the main material in making soft brooms. He planned to go down the river in that very steep mountainside. 
I was so uneasy but very cautious in my balancing act and i really trailed behind. The very steep ground was a little moist from yesterday's rain and the top soil was loose. I can feel every movement I'm doing, I grasps everything i can just to maintain a good balance and get myself out of there, away from that danger of sliding down to the rocky river below. After all that "danger zone", we finally connected to the main trail that leads to a hanging bridge and up to sitio Amsilingen of Cardiz, Bagulin, La Union.
After the hanging bridge, we went down the river and rested and drunk spring water nearby. On top of the boulders we ate our lunch.
We headed downstream (upstream is Tili Ti Nuang Falls) to see "Sambong Tiweng/Simbong Tiweng" (not sure of which is the right term for it).
We finally arrived at the upper area of "Sambong Tiweng" where I terminated my hike on my first visit.
I visited the area back on May 3, 2015. Back then, I was alone and did not go further down as it looked very dangerous which it was.
"Harry" led the way as he went up again on the steep mountainside. My companion followed and i trailed behind.
After that, we finally made it down to the pool area of the small waterfall. 

At the pool area (basin) of the upper" Simbong Tiweng"

The pool area or basin was said to be very deep. Harry said that it was there where they catch big fishes and eels. From there, "Harry" said that there were two more waterfalls downstream. 
After a short contemplation, me and my companion decided not to push through. Going down further was more technical than we thought. It needs a hardy hiker-mountain climber-rock climber. Our guide "Harry" can do it but at that time we just can't. 
The sky went gloomy and a little of rain drops down from the sky as we turned back and went on the trail again to go back.
Near the area where we had lunch earlier, we parted ways with our guide "Harry". 
The sky became sunny again. 
On his own, "Harry" went back on the mountainside trail to go home near the Tangadan falls.
As for the two of us, maybe of exhaustion and time constraint, we did not go further upstream to visit Tili ti Nuang falls but we went on the main trail going to the road up above at barangay upper Cardiz, Bagulin, La Union.
An all uphill walk, with patience and perseverance we made it at the road above. There, with the help of mang "Gabriel Genaro" we rode a passenger motorbike going downtown Bagulin, La Union.

Stop-by for a photograph at the Bagulin Municipal Hall before riding a tricycle bound for Naguilian, La Union

At downtown Bagulin, La Union we rode a tricycle bound for Naguilian, La Union. On our way out of downtown, we were put to stop as there was a parade or a sort-of "flores de mayo".

And here they come, "Flores de Mayo" parade around Bagulin town proper

We did eventually arrived at the bus stop at Naguilian, La Union and there we rode a jeep going back, Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

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Some scenes of our hike

"Tag-ed Balakay" Falls

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