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Bangar, La Union ... A walk around town fet. Bangar Abel (weaving)

"Bangar - Home of the world famous blanket"
-Bangar Welcome Arch

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-my pagnapagna-
June 1, 2015

I arrived at Bangar at around 3 o'clock in the afternoon particularly at the welcome arch some few meters south of downtown Bangar. 

Bangar Welcome Arch

From the welcome arch I walked my way to their plaza and decided to drop-by at their municipal hall.

Bangar Municipal hall

Inside the municipal hall, since there was no one at the "public assistance" counter (afternoon snack time) I went to ask about the "tourist spots" at the just nearby "accounting counter's window" and the woman told me to just ask the police officer at the desk by the entrance door.
In my inquiries with the police officer, he told me that there was no particular tourist spots in the area but mentioned some privately owned resorts and commercially open to the public. I tried to dig into more about their nature and historical places but it seemed there were no established particular tourist spot for their municipality. I just asked permission from the police officer for me to take photographs around town. 
He let me log-in to his "guest book"
I also asked if he knew "Louie" who works somewhere in the municipal hall. He does knew "Louie" and afterwards I went to see him at the department the police officer told me.
"Louie A." is my co-member in the artist group "AGLaUn", a La Union based arts group. He works at the civil registrar's office at the Bangar municipal hall.
Through "Louie", I came to know the "Abel" (weave) particularly of the "DeCastro's Weaving" which I went to see.
At the road fronting the Municipal Hall, I walked northwards and at the first intersection i turned to my left to where the "DeCastro's Weaving" was located.

I went inside and and asked permission to take some photographs and videos while they worked. The owner, in his 80's was also there but i did not get to talk to her that much.

Colorful threads for weaving

Weavers at work

After touring myself around the workplace, I thanked them and went back to the plaza.
I did not get much information about the "abel" (weave) at that time but perhaps dig deeper into it when i visit the place again at another time in the following days or months.

At the Plaza, the Municipal Hall at the rear
their gym

From the town plaza, I crossed the highway to see the "Saint Christopher Parish Church and convent".

St. Christopher Parish Church and Convent
I continued my walk around town and went to see their "Bangar Farmer's Trading Center" or public market.

at the Facade of Bangar Farmers' Trading Center
Vegetable area inside the public market
The parking area (terminal) of passenger motorbikes across the public market. These passenger motorbikes are bound for the eastern regions of the municipality and the mountainous areas such as Sugpon (Ilocos Sur) & Sudipen (La Union).
An "ancestral House"? An old building fronting their public market

It was gloomy that day and a little rain drizzles from time to time.
Afterwards, I called it a day and went on to catch a bus bound for Home Sweet Home
-end of pagnapagna-

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Scenes at the DeCastro's Weaving

Subject:    Bangar
Location:   Municipality of Bangar
                  Province of La Union

How to get there:
From Manila
- Ride a bus bound for the northern places such as Laoag City (Ilocos Norte), Vigan City (Ilocos Sur), Bangued (Abra) & Candon City (Ilocos Sur) but you have to get down at the bus stop near the town plaza of Bangar, La Union.
- if you ride a bus bound for La Union which terminates at San Fernando City, at the San Fernando City plaza you may either ride another bus bound for the northern places or ride a mini-bus bound for Laoag, Vigan or Abra and get down at Bangar.

*going to DeCastro's Weaving please read the post above.

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