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[Market Walk #3]: Bauang Public Market, La Union

"Sunday and it was a rainy Market day at the Bauang Commercial Center"

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Explored another public market in our province of La Union
This time the southern neighboring town of San Fernando City which is Bauang.
Located along the National Highway, the Bauang Public Market is a two storey building with Thursdays and Sundays as its special market days.

It was Sunday, a market day. The roads around the market (rear, north and south sides except for the front which is the parking space) were used as display areas for the different market goods.

The native chicken was priced at 250 pesos
She sells Baguio or upland vegetables.

Bauang being the "Beach capital and fruit basket of the North" has vineyards for grapes as well as farms for guavas, dragon fruits and papayas.
I saw guavas (guapples), bananas of different varieties, papayas and local grapes were among the ones being sold at the market's side streets. There were also imported fruits like oranges and apples being sold at one area.

Here is one of the sellers of guavas
Guavas and grapes. One cup of grapes costs 15 pesos

Beautiful colorful flowers at a stand. I think most of it comes from the upland province of Benguet.

Arranging flowers at her stand.

We, Ilocanos are fond of the dish made up of mixed lowland vegetables simmered in "bagoong" (fermented fish sauce) called "dinengdeng" or in plain salt called "inabraw". These lowland vegetables such as "okra" (ladies' fingers), "tarong" (eggplant), "parya" (bitter gourd), "utong" (string beans), "saluyot" (jute) and "marunggay" (moringa/horse radish) to name a few are abundant in Bauang Market.
Because it's rainy season, "rabong" (bamboo shoot) as well as the "dukep" or some call it "sabidukong" are abundant.
"Dukep" or "sabidukong" is a vine that usually flowers during the onset of rainy season. Its flowers are the one harvested and used as additional ingredient in "dinengdeng".

She sells rabong (bamboo shoots), utong (string beans)
and the flowers of dukep or sabidukong.

Most of the homes in the outlying barangays (villages) and few in the town centers still uses woods or charcoals in cooking. The terracotta stove or earthen stove called "dalikan" is what they use. They also use this one when they run out of cooking gas. They are being sold in different design at the Bauang Public Market. 

Left: Dalikan (earthen stoves) in different design,
Right: Little girl sells vegetables such as carabasa (squash) fruit and flowers,
parya (bitter gourd), papayas and utong (string beans)
Strikes a "Pogi" pose for the camera while he sells ropes, chains, tarps and other hardwares.
From the surrounding street marketplace, I went inside the building and into the second floor.
There was a crowd at one of the area. A big box of some second hand bags, shoes, shirts are being opened and people were crowding to choose the best one to buy. Lots of these called "ukay-ukay" were being sold at stalls on the second floor.

Be the first one to choose the best one at the "Ukay-Ukay" section of the market

Beauty parlors, internet shops, tailoring shops and other stalls are what can be seen at the second floor.

At the central part of the market building is an atrium

Still on the second floor, at the front area, lined from north to south were "carinderias" or "turo-turo" (food stalls). I ate "pancit bihon" (filipino noodle dish) with toppings of "dinakdakan" (ilocano pork meat dish) at the north end stall which has an overlooking outside view.

This is the food stall located at the north end
 which is more ventilated and naturally lighted
Going down to the atrium at the ground floor, different stalls are located, from Pharmacy to general merchandise stores.
At the back portion of the building is the wet market section. It is there where the meat and fish section is located. It also includes the poultry and vegetables sections.

Top: Meat section,    Middle: Fish Section,     Bottom: Poultry meat
Top: Coconut for coconut milk,  Bottom: Different plants for sale
Along the walkway at the southern side of the market were sweets and other cooked snack foods such as "puto" (rice cake) and "suman" were being sold.

Left: Tobacco leaves and momma,  Center: Aquarium fishes,
Right: rice cakes and other varieties

Most of the time it rained that Sunday morning of July 12, 2015.
Now back to Home Sweet Home.

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Subject   : Bauang Commercial Center
Location :  Municipality of Bauang,
                 Province of La Union

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