Friday, July 24, 2015

[Market Walk #5]: Bangar, La Union Public Market

"It's not just another Manic monday, at least for Bangar public market"

I went to market on a monday. But I did not bought anything, instead I went on a stroll around and inside. It was really a jungle in there.

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-my pagnapagna-

I went inside the Bangar public market which is also  known as "Bangar Farmers' Trading Center". It is located along a secondary road that intersects from the national highway. Just like all other public markets, its surrounding streets were utilized during their market days.

I roamed around and went to the west building. At the second floor was the "food court" where i ate my breakfast of rice and papaitan (local beef soup dish, usually of cow or goat innards with bile) the ground floor was for stalls of general merchandize. 

The main building which is the front and northernmost is of two storey. The ground floor is of general merchandize while the second floor was generally empty stalls with some one or two internet cafes. This building connects to the smaller west wing building where the food court is located at its second floor.
Fronting the main building was the parking area and behind it was the "carnival" of stalls. 

LEFT PHOTO: "Patupat" and other native sweets.   RIGHT PHOTO: Fried chicken

The interior area is where the covered courts of "snack" area, vegetable, general merchandize and the meat/fish area are located.

TOP LEFT PHOTO: "paltat" (catfish)   LOWER LEFT PHOTO: Vendor and different fishes
RIGHT PHOTO: "kiwet/kiwut" (small freshwater eel)

Fish caught from the nearby Amburayan river were abundant these days when the river swells during rainy season and the "udang" (crayfish/crawfish) which is a freshwater crustacean resembling a small lobster and some small freshwater fish were among the crowd drawers.

"Udang" and other small freshwater fishes from Amburayan river on leaves

Earthenwares were also being sold. The seller boast of its smooth finish on its "dalikan" (firewood terracotta stove). He said that it came from the neighboring town of Luna, La Union at barangay of Barrientos.

LEFT PHOTO: "Dalikan"         RIGHT PHOTO: different beans

At one of the commodities laden streets, all the way from Bauang (La Union), was a vendor and guess what she sells. Obviously, she sells their produce which were guapple (guava) and grapes.

There was also the heart-pumping, sinfully delicious "lechon" (roast pig) at that time. Just looking at that crispy red-orange roasted skin was tempting. Luckily, I do not have that much money to buy.

I came across these happy-smiling vendors of general merchandize mostly of umbrellas, raincoats and boots, to name a few. They eagerly pose for the camera. Now that's the spirit! They got my name and said they will add me and see their photos on facebook :-)

There were many things to see.  Plastic toys, vegetables, sewing machine parts, animals on cage (although it's saddening), various fruits and many more. 

Farmer's things such as ropes for their cows

Name it and probably they have it. 
Different people from various walks of life, all gather in one place in this particular place on a monday at Bangar, La Union. They were all in one but with individual purpose going to the marketplace. 

At the end of the day, this marketplace had suffice their needs for their Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

Afterwards, I went walking towards Bubon Aso Falls.

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