Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bubon Aso Falls

"Walked from Bangar, La Union town proper to the waterfalls at barangay Castro, Sudipen, La Union"

After my pagnapagna at the Bangar's Public Market, I went to see the waterfall located at the neighboring town of Sudipen.
This is my second time to see this waterfall.

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-my pagnapagna-
(July 20, 2015)

From the town proper of Bangar, La Union, I crossed the national highway and walked the road just beside the St. Christopher Parish convent. This road going east leads to Sugpon, Ilocos Sur.
I bought peanuts at the roadside store and ate it as i walked along that cemented road. 

At the Barangay Sengngat, Sudipen, La Union Welcome Arch.
 It says "Birthplace of Gen. Emilio M. Narcise - Hero of Bessang Pass".
 It's a shame, I don't even know this part of our own Philippine History.

Under the heat of the sun, I kept on walking. I went swerving from one side of the road to the other just to be under the shade of some roadside trees and most of the time there were none of these.

Barangay Castro, Sudipen, La Union welcome arch.

After some long walk, I finally arrived at Barangay Castro proper and had a snack at a store near the barangay hall.

Barangay Hall of Castro 

Walked again until I reached the hanging bridge. There, I went off-road to a dirt road leading to a small forest just along the brook. Even my spirit smiled as I saw once again a friend. The conjoined twins were still there.

The two-legged tree

A trail along the brook led to the waterfalls area with some one to two crossing on its shallow waters.
Finally, I was at the Bubon-aso waterfalls.
Bubon-aso waterfalls is two tiered- small waterfall with the upper cascade as its main.

I had the waterfalls all for myself but not for long, three teenagers also arrived and bathed in its waters.
They invited me to go up on the second level. I followed later on.
 Few minutes passed and they left the area. They said they were going back with a motorcycle to downtown Sudipen, La Union where they live.
Later on, I also left the place (2:30 pm). I walked until I reached the Cadapli Elementary School at Bangar, La Union and had a late lunch at the vicinity (3:20 pm).
My "migraine" started to attack and i can't concentrate on walking further which prompted me to just ride a tricycle that transported me to downtown Bangar, La Union particularly at the plaza area.
The headache subsided  and I started to walk towards the cemetery area for the "Timbongan Ruins".
After my search for the "Timbongan Ruins" and "sit-down-and-just-rest" along the Amburayan river concrete dikes, I was bound for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

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