Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What keeps me coming back to Tangadan Falls

"I have been to Tangadan falls at least 10 times since July of 2012.
What keeps me coming back?"

As an artist, I get inspirations from various different subjects. Most of the times I get attached to it that i get to know them by heart. 
Tangadan Falls is truly a subject of my nature inspiration.

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What keeps me coming back?

The trail
I can choose to walk along the river, the mountain route or a combination of both.
During the summer days, I usually use the river route which is the one from barangay Duplas, into the ricefields then down into the river. While walking you can sing or hum your favorite tune on your head or just whistle it softly, with a friend or two.
But if I want a more vigorous hike, I do the mountain route. It is generally on cemented roads, the almost laidback "countryside", along some ricefields and few patches of forest and have a glimpse of the distant mountains and low-lying barangays.
Sometimes I do the combination of the river and mountain routes. Going to the waterfalls, I use the river route (via duplas) and when going back (if the river is swelling) the mountain route (via Amontoc-Kilat) is what i take. But if the river is deep (during rainy season) I only take the mountain route. During Summer I do it the other way around, mountain route in going (via Kilat-Amontoc) then the river route (via Duplas) when leaving or plainly river route

The Ambience
Crowded and rowdy at one time, serene and lonesome at another.
Summer days, weekends and holidays turns the area into a party place. Diving, swimming, eating, bamboo rafting and don't forget the selfie here there and everywhere. People are literally all over the place.
Weekdays and rainy days are most of the time laid-back. If I'm lucky, I'll enjoy nature all to myself.

The waters
What is good with this waterfall is that it got waters all year round 24/7-365 days a year. 
It changes its character from furious during rainy seasons to calming during summers.
It has also a wide bowl or natural pool area good for a bamboo raft and deep enough for diving from its rock wall face.
For those not good at swimming, there are also shallow areas good for just wading and just dipping.

The Bedrock
As if restfully laid down horizontally this massive solid bedrock is partially curtained by falling waters. 
At one side on its front is a rock formation acting as a natural viewing area. Overall it looked like an outdoor stage of a theater.

The People
I had made friends and met friendly people along the way.
They made the place more pleasing, making people from all walks of life, like me, feel much more welcomed.


Please visit the San Gabriel Municipal Hall
As of September 2016, every visitors are required to register and pay a certain fee at the San Gabriel PNP (Police) office.

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