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"This is my third time to see the waterfalls called Tag-ed Balakay or known popularly as Nakapandagan. This time, I skipped Tangadan falls by taking Kilat-Amontoc route"

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Please practice the "Leave No Trace (LNT) Outdoor Ethics when going to these Nature places. Let us not vandalize put graffiti on its rocks and other surfaces.
Let us manage our garbage properly.  
Respect the local culture.
Safety should be your priority.

-my pagnapagna-
(September 15, 2015 Tuesday)

At downtown San Gabriel (La Union), I rode a passenger motorbike (7:12 am) going up to Sitio Bulala of Barangay Amontoc. The usual fare is a hundred pesos (as of writing this post).
I got to be in that place early as it rains in the afternoons.
I alighted (7:40 am) at the usual drop-off point which is a waiting shed at  a crossroad. The one going to the right which is a very steep downhill road is the one going to Tangadan falls, while the one on the left which is an uphill road is what i will be taking later on. Meanwhile, I saw "Harry", the caretaker of Tangadan Falls, seated amongst the men inside the waiting shed. We greeted each other and started a conversation. He shared the story of our previous adventure hike of going to "Tili ti Nuang" with the group. The conversation branched into different stories among them. There was this story of how one of the tourists to Tangadan falls will give them a thousand pesos to scour the bottom of the pool area of Tangadan falls for their fallen Gopro camera and how a foreign tourist gave one of the local guides a five hundred pesos as guide fee just last sunday and their stories went on.

Inside the waiting shed at the "drop-off" area. "Harry" is the one with a belt bag.

Few minutes later, I left the group and went on my way up to the road (7:45 am).
The uphill road was only concreted few meters at its entrance and everything beyond it was earth road. Walking farther, the road was lost and turned into trails snaking its way into some patches of mountainside farmlands. 

At one part of the road

After some "asking directions", I finally arrived at the house of one of my friends. He was busy making brooms which they will be delivering it that coming saturday. 
They said that they will deliver these brooms at downtown San Gabriel where a buyer from Pangasinan will be getting them by the bundles of 60 pieces per bundle priced at around 3,800 pesos.

One of the family members of my friend making brooms

Barangay Kagawad "Camacho" was also there making brooms. He volunteered to accompany me going to the waterfalls.
Armed with his machete, we went on walking to the rice fields (8:45 am), gardens of tiger grass (be careful as the leaves can also cut the skin and most especially the eyes) and into the mountainside forest. We also passed by some two springs cascading down from the mountainsides. 

Along the way, on top of a boulder was the remains of a bird

We had to walk with extra caution as the morning was still fresh that the surfaces were still moist and wet making most of the rocks and boulders slippery. We crossed the river with a furious gushing waters between rocks. As we approached the waterfalls, at the second or lower pool area, along its side was this inclined rock surface where I suggested we use rope (just in case and to be sure) as the rock's surface was still wet.
We finally arrived at the boulders fronting the waterfalls natural pool area. We should have gone to the other side as the view there was much better but the flowing water was a little fierce.
The wind carried the mist sprayed by the falling waters towards downstream where we were.
We sat in the area and I made a quick sketch while my companion went to refresh on its waters.
After taking photographs and videos, we hit the same trail going back (10:50 am). 
At 12 minutes before noon, we were back in their house and rested for a while.

With Kagawad "Camacho"

Since it was almost noontime, they invited me to have a lunch at the second floor level of their wooden house. Lunch was served!

That bowl of noodles with "cardiz" peas/beans was delicious
Inside their "homie" was a window to the mountainside farmlands

My friend said that I should come back by December where they are not that busy and the waters of the river are more tamed.

Well, I have to hit the road again (12:26 pm). I left them a "pagnapagna tee-shirt" as a token of their hospitality.

I walked my way back to the waiting shed at the drop-off point where I saw "Lando" a relative of kagawad "Camacho" who also was a driver of a passenger motorbike (12:45 pm). I sat and rested there for a while and listened to their conversations as to how some drivers of passenger motorbikes who are not from the area (from other barangays) overprice on fares and so on.

At the "drop-off" area.
The motorbike was the passenger bike I rode on going back to downtown San Gabriel.

At around 1:36 pm, with "Lando", I rode at his passenger motorbike. Arrived at San Gabriel town proper at around 2 o'clock in the afternoon where I rode a jeep going back to San Fernando and eventually be at Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

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As of September 2016, every visitors are required to register and pay a certain fee at the San Gabriel PNP (Police) office.

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