Saturday, October 10, 2015

A story of a, Haunted Waterfall?

"Creepy stories in this waterfall"
This is an entry post for the coming "All souls day".
It is in your discretion if you believe or not in the creepy stories they told me.

-my pagnapagna-

I've been to this waterfalls maybe a couple of times and at that time my purpose was to see the lower cascade.
Alone, I went down to the lower cascade of the waterfalls. I was enjoying taking photos and videos of the waterfalls when a group of people came. They were a family going for a picnic without the father.
Later on the mother approached me and said "Ammom kadi istorya na daytoy?" (Do you know the story of this?) and she started telling the stories. For a while, I was kinda puzzled why was she telling me those stories, was she scaring me that she don't want people to be visiting the area. What puzzles me more was that she was married to a man who has something to do with tourism. She added that she was telling those stories so I know the stories behind the waterfalls. Hmmm.. she had a point there. I also asked permission if I can tell these stories on my blog and she nodded as affirmation.

This photo is just for  the sake of visual display only.

The stories:
There was once a  visitor to the place, a boy and a girl, unfortunately, a rock fell on the girl killing her instantly.
(another story)
Others were taking pictures of the waterfalls and they were creepy surprised to see old houses as their backgrounds where waterfalls should be.
(another story)
From the waterfalls, as they were walking their way to the road, a girl was trailing them behind but vanishes as they do not know where she went as they approached the road.
(another story)
People at the residential area near the waterfalls sometimes hear "distressed" cries or weird sound from the waterfalls area.

After she told me the stories, we talked more about travelling which she was also had interest. Eventually, she went on with their picnic with her family. 
I also left the waterfalls and walked my way to the road and talked to the man in-charge of taking attendance of people going to the waterfalls. I asked him about the stories the woman told me. He said with hesitation "wen, ngem idi diyay" (Yes, but that was before). I then asked him if I can also put these in my blog, He replied, "Haanen baka awan ti umay to ditoyen ket mabuteng dan ton" (Do not, they might get scared and people will not come here anymore). Well, I wrote it down now but carefully not mentioning some particulars as to identify the said waterfalls.
Anyway, just respect nature and its surrounding residents... be safe always.... bring on the waterfalls and we explore. 

-end of pagnapagna-

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