Monday, October 5, 2015

Baey Anito Falls' Upper 2 Cascades

"Came back to the waterfalls to see the upper cascades and luckily it was weekend picnic day. I together with others saw the upper two of maybe 3 more cascades"

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-my pagnapagna-
(October 4, 2015)

I finally arrived at the waterfalls and took my spot on top of one of the rocks. 
Nobody was around as I begin to draw and sketch the waterfalls. Few minutes on my sketching, I stopped and decided to go look for the trail going to the top of the waterfalls and bingo! I saw the trail going up. I climbed my way up on the steep slope but halfway to the top was this steep rock-face wall. It has some crevices that I can hold on and make my way up. I tried to climb on it but my fear of falling prevailed that I just aborted my ascend and went back down to where I was sketching.

At the distance, along the trail, I can see some people approaching. Visitors were on their way to the waterfalls where I was.

I continued sketching as they finally arrived. Maybe they were some 20 of them. They were family and friends on a sunday picnic.
While most of them went swimming at the waterfalls, some of them went cooking for their lunch. I just kept silent and continued sketching.

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Come lunchtime, one of them called my attention and said "Mayka ta mangan tay pay" (Come and let's eat). 
"Sige lang manong" (Just go on sir), I replied.
After a while he handed me a plate full of foods which I can't resist.
Their other companion invited me to join them for some brandy. I did went to eat with them that led me to drink a shot of the spirits.
I introduced myself and came to know that they were on a picnic for one of them is a "Balikbayan" who just arrived from the U.S.A. and coincidentally he was also a former architecture student from the same school I graduated from (Saint Louis College).
I mentioned to them about my blog and my intention to see the upper cascades of the waterfalls. Luckily, the one I was talking to (the young man with blue shirts in the video) was from the area and had been in the upper cascades. He told me that he will be accompanying me to see the upper cascades later on that day. 
"Mayat ta adda mut dayta talim manong nga usaren tayo" (Good, you have your rope sir which we can use), he added.
Three of us were ready to go up on the mountain side trail when the others decided to come. As they say, the more the merrier. So there was eight of us climbing the mountainside.

We eventually reached the top of the main falls and came to see the first upper cascade.

Climbing further to the top and we saw the second upper cascade.

After a while it started to drizzle which prompted as to go back. The drizzle turned into rain that soaked us wet. 

We took extra caution along the trail that turned slippery. Thanks to the rope which made it safer to go down at the steep rock-face wall.
Still raining, we made it back and their companions were just waiting for us and ready to leave.

Eventually, we left the place and the rest of the story was going back to Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

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