Friday, October 30, 2015

"Sayote-an" Falls

"There must be an official name for this waterfalls but nobody could tell, at least to the people we have asked. I just made-up the name Sayote-an because of the sayote plants"

If I am not mistaken, this waterfalls is located inside a private lot beside the mountain along the Badiwan viaduct. 
It surely dries out when summer comes.

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-my pagnapagna-
(October 26, 2015 a Monday)

We were at the old road near the Badiwan Viaduct looking at the many tiers of the waterfalls way up above. Nearby was a "kubo" (small free standing bamboo hut that were commercially made and can be moved from one place to another) and we were standing in front of it.
"Anya didiay?" (What is it?), a man from the "kubo" asked as he went outside to see us.
"Mabalin ngata mapan dita waterfalls?" (Can we go up to the waterfalls?), we asked.
"Apay aya? Ta idi naminsan gamin ada pinaguntan ni boss ko ta adda nakita da nga agdigdigos dita" (Why? 'cause my boss scolded someone whom he saw taking a bath there) he asked.
"Apan mi lang picture en, 'han kami agdigos" (We will just take pictures, we won't take a bath there), we explained to him.
"Sige ngarud ta ipakadak pay ken boss ko" (Okay then, I'll ask my boss first) he said and went to the big house at the other side of the road and talked to someone, then later on, he gave us a thumbs' up sign and nodded. He came back and showed us where to enter amidst the plantation of "sayote" (chayote/mirliton). Under the trellis work of the "sayote" canopy we followed the rocky water path upstream.
After the "sayote" area there was a clearing and an imposing small cascade greeted us.

at the small primary cascade after the sayote plantation.

Going further to the other upper cascade was not a walk in the park. The grounds were deceiving. What looked like a flat solid base covered with crawling vines to walk on were actually piled rocks with gaps in between.

I saw this one along our way to the upper cascades.
I thought it was a plastic toy. My companion said it's "Mais ti utot" or rat's corn.

We made it halfway to the top and the view from there was quite good. A section of the Badiwan viaduct and the road before it can be seen. Another tier of the waterfalls cascades down from a wall. We stopped ascending. The wall looked steep that gradually continued further up. It needs more extra-effort going further on that wall to the upper topmost cascades. 

We rested for a while and started descending back to the road below to get ourselves to our next destination which is the waterfalls at the nearby Badiwan rockshelter.

-end of pagnapagna-

Subject : "Sayote-an" Falls
Location:  Sitio of Badiwan
                 Barangay of Poblacion
                  Municipality of Tuba
                  Province of Benguet

How did I get there:
At Baguio City, I rode a jeep bound for Badiwan-Tuba. Their terminal is at Shagem st. near corner Otek St. just near the Mini-bus Terminal bound for San Fernando, La Union and the Bayanihan or wag-wagan bldg. Get down at the end of the Badiwan Viaduct (Bridge) then go to the old road (the one going to Dinosaur Island) at the Alabanza's, the waterfalls can be seen in the area. just remember that the waterfall is within or at the vicinity of a private lot.

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