Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mt. Peripen Bato

"Finally, I'm in Dreamland"


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-my pagnapagna-

Yes, I was in Dreamland that early morning. Not that I was dreaming but I was at a place called Dreamland which is the name of the subdivision area.
Walked inside and asked how to get to the top of the mountain and they said "adu ti pagnaan, mabalin dita" (there are many ways, it can be that way) as they pointed to a trail between the houses. I walked on that trail that went up and crosses into a fallen temporary fence.
At the ridge, the view of La Trinidad Valley was an awesome sight. I walked down from the ridge to escape from the sight of the high tension electrical wires that crosses the view.
I took photographs, videos and rested there for a while enjoying the view.

At the back was the mountain peak where there was a temporary shed but obviously the wide area surrounding it was fenced with just few iron wires on concrete square poles. I noticed that there were two security guards in it. The view up there must be even greater so I went near the fence to get attention from the guards. One of them went down and got where i was. I ask him if I can go up just to take pictures but he refused, he said in a nice way, that they were strict in these areas and told me that I have to talk to the guard at the gate and said "Ilocano din yun sir, galing La Union" (He's also an Ilocano sir, from La Union). Unknowingly, I was at a private area owned by a certain attorney.
On my way out, walked at an unpaved road that led to the gate and the Ilocano guard greeted me and we talked. I learned from him that the owner of the wide area had placed them to secure the area from squatters. "Idi gamin sir addu ti um-umay ditoy nga sabali ti rangta da dagidiay dadduma ket umay da picpicturen ta prospect da i-quarry" (Before sir, there were many who comes here with different agenda, others would take pictures for prospect of quarrying) he added.
I thanked him as I walked my way out from Dreamland.
I texted my friend and he instructed me to come at Quirino Hill which is just nearby. Yes it is just nearby but through maze of uphill gangways and shortcuts at the mountainside residential areas.
Finally we met and had lunch at their relative's place. What did we ate? Of course, what else? Chicken! but slightly different, tinola style and with tuyo (dried salted fish) on the side.
After lunch, we passed time at the roof top (not yet finished without walls, post and roof second floor).
We visited a viewing deck nearby, overlooking the Baguio City area before I left for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

For the other mountain top views overlooking La Trinidad Valley:
These are just short hikes (10 to 30 minutes) to the top from the road.

Subject : Mt. Peripen Bato
Location:  Barangay of Pico
                 Municipality of La Trinidad
                 Province of Benguet
How to get there:
Going there is not recommended as it is privately owned with security guards unless there is a designated public viewing area somewhere nearby that i did not know.

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