Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Aluy-oyan Falls

"This one is a tributary to the Tangadan Falls"
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-my pagnapagna-
(December 20, 2015 a Sunday)

Together with "Harry", we went walking upstream along the river.
The irony, at least for me, was that we have to hop our way from rock to rock.
I was really sweating hard as I followed him from behind. I am heavier than him. I think he does the hopping with little effort.
It went on and finally we arrived at the base of the waterfalls.
It was a small waterfall the likeness of "Sangbay" of Naguilian, La Union.

"Harry" said the area was once a hide-out of the Japanese soldiers during the World War II. 
Back when they were young, the pool area of the waterfalls was wider and deeper but as time passed by, constant erosions made it smaller and shallow.
Took a rest and afterwards we left and went back to the trail again.

-end of pagnapagna-

For the Sangbay Falls of Naguilian CLICK HERE

Subject : Aloy-uyan Falls
Location:  Municipality of Bagulin
                 Province of La Union
How to get there:

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