Friday, December 11, 2015

At Talingguroy view points

"I wandered around looking for the best viewing area"

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-my pagnapagna-
(November 21, 2015 a Saturday) 

I inquired at the La Trinidad Capitol about how to get to "Talingguroy viewing point" and they told me that there is no public transportation that plies the route. They have suggested that I should take a taxi.

At downtown La Trinidad, near the public market, I rode a taxi going towards the Longlong area. The driver was in his 60's and he was not sure of the area, so we asked the traffic officer along the way.

We went where the traffic officer had instructed. It is a road going uphill. Further going up was a rough dirt road. We verified the route from the locals we passed-by.

I went down from the taxi at a small blue building (Talingguroy Child Development Center) on a hilltop and paid 100+ as fare. 

Talingguroy Child Development Center

There were no designated public viewing areas so I wandered around and asked permission when there was someone around but most of the time there was none.

I kept on walking along the dirt road and went off-road when there was a pleasant area for viewing.

Overlooking La Trinidad Valley and the Mt. Sto Tomas

The La Trinidad Valley can be seen at the east but only much farther compared to what can be seen from Mt. Kalugong and Mt. Yangbaw while at the west was the Naguilian road, the Sablan area, and the low-lying areas of La Union. The two circular structuctures at Mt. Sto. Tomas in Tuba is majestically seen at the south. If not for the haze, the Poro Point of San Fernando, La Union can be clearly seen licking its place at the West Philippine Sea. 

Overlooking Sablan and La Union

I've seen some group of cyclist who were also wandering around and vanished towards the mountain road bend.

I met a local along the road who confirmed that the road will lead to the main road below and I further asked if which is a shorter route, to walk back or keep on walking down.

He answered with a delightful voice "Kasla parehas mut lang, maymayat a nu magna ka ditoy lattan tatnu sabali ti makitam manen, ta nu agsubli ka ket isu man makita mon" (They are almost the same, it's better to walk this way so you will see other new views. If you go back you will just see the same views again). 

I did kept on walking forward along the road. It was a downhill road with loose gravel at some areas. The tracks left by the bicycles assured me that I was on the right track, that if something was wrong ahead I would meet them coming back. I finally arrived at a concreted road but I have to walk further down to the place where the public transport (jeep) picks up passengers.

I finally rode a jeep that will take me to downtown La Trinidad but along the way I accidentally came across the Adivay Festival.

-end of pagnapagna-

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Subject : Talingguroy
Location:  Sitio of Talingguroy
                 Barangay of Wangal (Upper)
                 Municipality of La Trinidad
                 Province of Benguet
How to get there:

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