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Baguio Museum Art Festival 2015

"A great venue for the different artists of the region to meet and interact"

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I was cramped in the rear seat of the bus with some 8 paintings of my co-AGLaUn (Artists Guild of La Union) artists including mine. I was with our group president "Rene" that day and we were submitting them at the Baguio Museum for the Art Festival's exhibit that opened the following day.

Opening Ceremony
December 2, 2015
At exactly 2 o'clock in the afternoon of December 2, 2015, a Wednesday,  the festival's opening ceremony started. There was an opening prayer followed by some inspirational talks from our guests. They also introduced the different participating artists. Balloons were released to mark the opening of the art exhibit that is located at the ground floor of the museum (the main floor is the second floor). An Igorot dance was also performed. 

Different art pieces were on display from the artists of La Union (AGLAUN), Pangasinan (Biskeg), Baguio City and Benguet.

It was my first time to hear the artists group called "Latag boys" (Latag means lay it down). They usually make some small pieces of artworks (beadworks, dream catchers, etc.) that can be used as adornment/souvenirs and lay them down on a mat on the ground and sell them to passers-by. 

I also met an artist by the name of Tara Natividad who made a document pattern of the tattoos that were on the arms of the famous Kalinga tattoo artist Wang-od.

Artist "Tara" during the submission day

The Art Festival was made possible by the Baguio Museum led by Gemma Estolas, the perseverance of Heidi Rodriguez and the friends of Baguio Museum.

Baguio-based artist with his prized possession,
a century-old linen from the province of Abra 

 It will have a daily art activity (live sketching, workshops) from December 3 until December 8 but the Art exhibit runs until December 12, 2015. 

My oil painting entry to the festival :-)

This year's festival theme was "Celebrating and Revitalizing Indigenous Arts in the Technological Age".

Workshop Day
December 5, 2015
On December 5, 2015, a Saturday, we went back to the Baguio Museum for our group activity at the Art Festival. 

Artist Peter Abordo who happens to be a member of AGLaUn (Artists Guild of La Union) conducted a workshop on basic cartooning and sketching on some 15 high school students.

While musically inclined artists show their talents in a concert outside at the facade of the Museum and a workshop on beadworks accessories by the "Latag boys", we did an on-the-spot sketching with cordilleran indigenous artists Eden Cawang as our model.

And to add, there is also an "art sale" going on outside the Museum dubbed as "ART FACADE". The artworks are generally priced at 3,000 pesos and below. I also have an entry on the sale which are the ORIGINAL sketches done on-the-spot for the:
Tangadan Falls (Tangadan Falls #4)
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse (Burgos Lighthouse)
If you are into it, go get them!

After the day's festival activities ended, evening came and we went to Tam-awan Village, courtesy of Eden Cawang and met some other Cordilleran artists there. 

Our meeting with some of the Cordilleran artists at Tam-awan Village

At Tam-awan Village, we were fortunate that earlier that afternoon was the opening of an art exhibit entitled "Arts from Trash" of artist Jordan Man-osan.

With artist Jordan Man-osan at "Arts from Trash" in Tam-awan Village

Jordan Man-osan is known for his solar drawings. He uses the heat of the sun through a hand-held magnifying glass to etch on surfaces such as wood.

Closing Ceremony
December 9, 2015

After coming from Tinongdan, Itogon, Benguet, I arrived just in time at the Baguio Museum for the Closing Ceremony of the Arts Festival.
The day's event started with an introduction of our special guest speaker who is "Kidlat Tahimik". After his talks about "being indigenous artists", they did a short film viewing of his early works.

Certificates were then awarded to the participating artists, that's including me, to the said Baguio Museum arts Festival 2015, then the cocktails were served as the Art exhibit viewing continued. 
Well, that concluded our day at the Art Festival. Together with my co-artists from La Union, we went back to Home Sweet Home.

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