Monday, December 14, 2015

Colorado Falls

"We forgot to ask why is it called Colorado "

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-my pagnapagna-
(December 10, 2015 a Thursday)

Our meeting place was Rosario, La Union. 
Rosario is the most southern and the first town you encounter when coming from Manila and it is where the Kennon road starts.
"Rene", "Christopher" and I rode a tricycle going to Kennon road. We passed by the Benguet Welcome arch and further on we passed by the Bridal Veil falls and we kept on moving until we reached the Twin Peaks area wherein there were some parked cars by the roadside.
From the main road, we walked on a short pathway beside a house that opened to a riverside short trail. It has a small footbridge that leads down to the river bedrock. 
There were elevated picnickers' sheds at one side before the waterfalls. It is an old long building with divisions that opened to a corridor overlooking the riverbed and into the waterfalls. We saw some 2 to three groups of visitors using them.

The Cottages area at the left and Kennon road will be at the central part of the photograph.
The waterfalls will be at the back of the photographer.

At the rocks fronting the pool area of the waterfalls, we sat and "Rene" started sketching while "Christopher" and I went taking pictures of the waterfalls from different vantage points.
Later on, I also started sketching.
After taking our group pictures, we went back to the road. 
We supposed to ride a tricycle but they were rarely available in the area that time. We opted to just walk to our next destination which was the Bridal Veil falls.

-end of pagnapagna-

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Subject : Colorado Falls
Location:  Kennon Road
                 Barangay of Twin Peaks
                 Municipality of Tuba
                 Province of Benguet
How to get there:

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