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"It's an Eco-Cultural Village Park in Tublay, Benguet"
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-my pagnapagna-
(December 3, 2015 a Thursday)

I rode a jeep bound for the municipality of Tublay with seeing waterfalls in my mind.
At Tublay Municipal Hall, I met Mr. Enrique and inquired about their tourism sites. Their major tourist destination is located at Ambongdolan which costs around 400 pesos on a hired ride alone, one way. I just settled for the Winaca Eco-cultural Village which was just nearby.

Tublay Municipal Hall

At Halsema Highway, near the tollgate, I went walking along the Kapangan road then turned left to a barangay road where I passed by the Church of INC (Iglesia ni Cristo). I kept walking until I reached the gate of Winaca and paid a minimum amount (must be 40 or 50 pesos, I forgot) as entrance fee. 
Along the dirt road, I kept walking and passed by some plantations which was still being prepared for planting anthuriums.  Further was the "Narda's" Handwoven Arts and Crafts which is well known for their weavings.

I kept walking down the road that leads to the Cafe and Restaurant. Just below it was the Eco-Cultural Village with an activity area complete with obstacle courses. The traditional huts was what caught my attention.
Going further down would be an Eco-trail. I did not go further down, I think I was not in a hiking mood that day.
After resting for a while at the yard of one of the traditional huts, I went back going uphill on the road to the entrance gate.
I left the area bound for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

Subject : Winaca (Eco-Cultural Village)
Location:  Municipality of Tublay
                 Province of Benguet
How to get there:

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