Friday, January 8, 2016

SPANISH WATCHTOWERS #15 Currimao- NORTH (Ilocos Norte)

"To almost complete my visits to all of the remaining Spanish-era Watchtowers of Ilocos Norte, I have to go back to Currimao to see the North Watchtower"
I saw in the official list of National Cultural Treasures and Properties for 2015 by the National Museum wherein the Watchtowers of Ilocos Norte are one of them and it had mentioned of two watchtowers in the municipality of Currimao which is the North and South.

I only seen one of them before and never took it seriously that it has two watchtowers.

My mother is going to Currimao, Ilocos Norte (my Grandmother's hometown) so I went to accompany her and that was my chance to see the North watchtower where I missed it during my exploration back in the year 2013.

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-my pagnapagna-
(January 6, 2016 a Wednesday)

Since the town proper is not the usual route for the buses, at Currimao junction at the National Highway, we rode a tricycle going to the Currimao Municipal Hall.

At the Municipal Hall, after my mother finished her personal transactions, we rode a tricycle to see the "North" watchtower.

Currimao North Watchtower
Sandwiched between residential houses and located just some few meters away from the Tabacalera Ruins along the coastal road, this watchtower looked smaller compared to that of the South Watchtower.
If not for the cracks and very minimal fallen parts, it is still a one whole rotund structure.
A tree had grown with its roots hugging its bare wall and some had found its way through cracks and openings. The thick leaves of the tree even hides the whole structure from view when one is looking from the road fronting it.

Lingered there for a while and did some measuring, took photographs, shot a video and did a sketch.

For my sketch CLICK HERE.

After doing a sketch of the watchtower, we went to the Tabacalera Ruins located nearby.

-end of pagnapagna-

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Subject : North Watchtower of Currimao
Location:  Barangay of Poblacion Uno
                 Municipality of Currimao
                 Province of Ilocos Norte
How to get there:

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