Friday, March 25, 2016

A short day hike at a Bangar's mountain

"a Good Friday hike"

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-my pagnapagna-
(March 25, 2016 a Good Friday)

Although the trail was wide enough for a "pasagad" (carabao-pulled cart) to pass through, it was dusty and dry as we walked our way up under the hot afternoon summer sun.
Most of the time, I halted my companion to rest under the shade of the trees.
Since the trail was to serve the gardens on the mountains, there were some farmers' huts along the way. We rested on those huts and talked about the mass that must have been started at the church downtown (since it was a Good Friday of the Holy Week) and generally about life. I think it was one of those "time to reflect" talks.
We also took a short nap just to keep away from the scourging sun and enjoy the summer breeze. Yes it was quiet and relaxing up in the mountain.

We went further up for the grassy patch of land near the summit.
At that area, there was the overlooking view of the plains below, the distant mountains in nearby municipality of Bacnotan and also the sea.

We got to talked to the owner of the adjacent lot nearby (these were private lots).

After that short hike, we started going back down to the plains below and walked our way back to the house of my companion. He resides just nearby.
We rested at their place and after a while I left and went to downtown Bangar where there was the Good Friday procession.

-end of pagnapagna-

Subject : Bangar's mountain
Location:  Municipality of Bangar
                 Province of La Union
How to get there:
The lands at these mountains are privately owned and are not generally open to the public.

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