Friday, May 20, 2016

The "Lipit"Falls, Second Time Around

"On my first visit, I did not get to see the waterfalls from its base, so I had to see it for the second time around"
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-my pagnapagna-
(May 17, 2016 a Tuesday)

It was a typical summer morning as I walk on that trail along the river going to Tangadan Falls.
After an average of an hour walking, I was finally at Tangadan Falls area.
"Ada manen ni ser en" (Sir is here again), one of the vendors said as she smiled. I smiled back and greeted her.
I looked for "Harry" but he was not still around. They said he was down at the river making "rama". 
"Rama" is a man-made fish sanctuary made out of small branches or leaves of plants and trees wherein they will dismantle it after some two weeks or more to catch whatever had dwell in it such as eels, crabs, crayfish and fishes.
After doing a quick sketch (drawing), I went to where he was.


"Anya ngay nalpasen?" (So, is it finished already?), I asked him about him doing the "rama".
"Wen, malmalpasak on. Ta mabalin tu para tapos datoy" (Yes, I'm about to finish. This will be ready for the end of the month), he responded.
I told him that we will go to "lipit" after he is done with the "rama".
It just took some few more minutes and up we went to the trail with his nephews.
We dropped-by at one of the farmers making some soft brooms under the shade of a tree to borrow rope which we will use going down to the base of the falls.  
Along the dried rice field we walked then along the trail on the sides of the mountain that eventually goes down to the river and to the sides of the very steep mountain again. As usual, I trailed behind, heeha!
Finally we were at the river where the small waterfalls is located. Just further up is the "Lipit" area. 
To be exact, this small falls is located at the mouth of the "Lipit" area which we regard as "Lipit" falls.

At "Lipit" Falls in its first cascade (upper) and bowl/pool area.

We went down to the base of the multi-tiered but small waterfalls using the rope which "Harry" borrowed from a farmer.
They went for a dip in its flowing waters while i shoot some photographs and videos of the waterfalls and the surrounding area.
Afterwards, we went back up and decided to walk down along the river instead of the mountainside trail.
(The river  would be impossible and dangerous during rainy days)
With "Harry" leading the way, we hopped from one rock to another.
It was tiring going up-down while hopping and sometimes leaping on top of those rocks and big boulders.
Next thing we know, we were now on top of Tangadan Falls. The gorge area where water had carved its way going to Tangadan Falls.
We went up to to the mountain side trail that eventually leads to the concrete steps going down to the sheds.
After having our lunch at the store where his wife manages, we rested and took a nap.
An hour passed, I thanked them and went back on that river trail.
I took my time walking, sometimes I mimic the bird's call along the way :-) .
At the crossing at the irrigation dam, there were group of foreigners walking (I think with no guide). So they lined-up walking while I stopped to give way. The usual smiles greeting as they passed and to my surprise, the last one was familiar to me and yes it was someone I know. He was "Mr. Bruce" a surfer from Europe. We greeted each other and he asked if I was going or leaving. Unfortunately, I was leaving. It was a short conversation we had.
It was really a small world. 
They went on with their hike as I did mine.
Done with the trail, I rode a tricycle going to downtown San Gabriel where I got a jeep ride going back to Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

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As of September 2016, every visitors are required to register and pay a certain fee at the San Gabriel PNP (Police) office

Subject : "Lipit" Falls
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                 Province of La Union
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