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The little cascades at Banangan

"I saw small Cascades along the river"
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-my pagnapagna-
(June 15, 2016 a Wednesday)

From La Union, I went down from the Baguio bound Partas bus at barangay Banangan particularly in front of the "Philippine Baguio Temple of God" which I had visited last week.

It was the same security guard on duty and I asked where is "Manong Miguel" whom I had talked to about some waterfalls in the area. The guard said that he went up on the hill to turn on the generator.

Thinking that he might be very busy, anyway he had given me instructions on how to get to the little cascades before, I went ahead to the nearby subdivision. 

Inside the subdivision and at the first block of houses, just to be sure, I inquired again at a house unit with its front door open (I could see them having breakfast just by the opened door). They told me on how to get down to the creek.

I went on walking at a sloping downhill subdivision road until I reached the outskirt of the subdivision. 

It tooked me quite some time until I managed to see and walked on a trail going to the creek below or it must be an imaginary trail that I managed to connect from above at the subdivision to the creek, anyway I made it down to the creek.

Along the creek I explored. Its waters were so crystal clear that if there was a mermaid swimming deep inside its natural pool areas it can be seen easily but unfortunately no mermaids :-)

Looking at the crystal clear waters at one of the cascades

I wandered along the creek looking for places that would likely be the swimming sites for the locals.

After I cannot go farther down the creek, I went back to the edge of the subdivision above and started walking on that uphill subdivision road passing mostly on un-occupied nearly damaged housing units, at times it looked liked a set from a movie where no one was around on a abandoned subdivision and the wind creates sound on a creaky loose tin roof. But as I go further up, the subdivision livens with occasional residents.

Back of the Subdivision

I made it to the entrance gate of the subdivision and crossed the "Naguilian road" to the sari-sari store at the other side.
There were some six people drinking lite beer at one side of the store. 

As I went to the counter, I heard one of the seated person at my back said, "O pari, anya ngay" (Oh padre, How is it?). I looked backed and happy to see that it was "Manong Miguel".

"Birbiruken nak kanu" (They said you were looking for me), he said.
I sat beside him and replied, "Wen ta apanta kuma dyay falls" (Yes we should have gone to the falls).

Holding a lite beer in his hand he asked, "Nakapan ka met laeng?" (Did you get there?).
"Wun ngem hanak ngarud sigurado nu isu met lang diyay" (Yes but I'm not sure if it was the one), I answered back.

The conversation went on and so did with his companion.

"Isuna ti acting Barangay Official" (He is our acting barangay Official) as he introduced one of his companion to me.
He then said to me that I must see the one at "Ambakuag" just ride a jeep with 10 pesos fair. He then gave me the name of one of the barangay councilor who can help me.

Although that cold apple flavored lite beer was tempting, I thanked them and went to the other side of the road and waited for a jeep ride.

From where I stood, I still can hear them.

Three women came at the store (they know each other). Because there was only one small table in front of the store used for drinking or snacks, after some few minutes of their conservation the women said to the men, "Ala tumakder kayo ngarud ditan ta sumarunu kami met" (Okey, you better stand there and we will also be next). 
One of the men answered in a joking way, "idiay kayo waiting shed mut a" (You go to the waiting shed) and all of them laughed and had a happy time at the store.

Finally, a jeep came. I rode and I went down to where they have told me.
At another store at a corner I bought something to drink and a cracker and while at it I asked how to get to the waterfalls.
At first they said that they do not know of such thing. So I have to convince in a very nice way that "Mang Miguel" said that there is.
Afterwards one of them finally drew a map on how to get there.

I thanked them and went on a short walk downhill and off-road to the mountain side trail and passing some three to four short hanging bridges. Along the way would be some small cascades.

It was almost an hour now that I was walking. I terminated to the grounds of what it seems to be a small two-room school building. There were no people around, above was a residential house of concrete hollow blocks. I was on a deciding point to go back or go up to the house and above the mountain. I decided to go back and just go down at the river along the trail while there was no rain.

At the river I explored again. Its waters were the same crystal clear as the one near the subdivision but I can only explore a little for safety reasons.

A little frustrated as I walked going back on the trail. 
It was a tiring uphill walk.
I rested on that waiting shed along the trail and while resting I had to take a selfie photo :-)

at the trail waiting/resting shed

Some few minutes later a woman carrying a bag made of sacks happened to passed by. I smiled as she looked at me and greeted her good afternoon.

I learned from her that I should have still walked further above the school building and above the concrete hollow blocks house to get into the waterfalls. Sigh!

I continued walking until I finally reached the road above and into "Naguilian road".
After a snack at the store, waited some few minutes for a bus ride going back to Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

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