Friday, August 26, 2016

[Market Walk #6] : TUBAO PUBLIC MARKET on an ordinary day

"It was an early morning visit on an ordinary day"

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-my pagnapagna-
(August 25, 2016 a Thursday)

We were looking for somewhere to eat that early morning and we were told to just go to their public market.
At the public market, we went to the second floor where the eateries are located.
Since it was still early in the morning, most of the people manning the stalls were still busy in the preparation. We chose to buy food at the westernmost stall and I ate "pinulpugan" (a kind of grilled pork meat) while my companion ate "dinardaraan" (a pork meat in blood stew) and of course served with rice and hot "sabaw" (soup broth) on the side.
After eating, that was the time we had a little stroll inside the public market but not that intensive as I may cause unnecessary-unwanted commotions around.

At one of the Carinderias

The Public Market
This Public market is a one compact building that is smaller in floor area compared to others but it has a cemented surroundings which I think are used during their designated market day which is every Saturday.
The facade area, meaning the front second and ground floors are commercial stalls (room type) that are provided with roll-up doors.
At the back of the ground floor facade commercial stalls are the general area where the vegetables, meat, poultry and other merchandise are laid at tables and counters. It is roofed by the second floor concrete slab and open-sided at the east, west and south wherein the north side is the commercial stalls.
At the second floor are generally the "food court" wherein there are counter-type carenderias (eateries) lined side by side at the southern side with its centralized eating area. As stated earlier, the front or facade area is lined with commercial stalls but with an access balcony.

Eggplant. They said this is much sweeter variety?

After that quick and not so intensive stroll inside the market, we went for the waterfalls at the Barangay of Rizal.

-end of pagnapagna-

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