Friday, September 23, 2016

(My Two Days in Abra): [Market Walk #7]: Bangued Central Market

"Since I had another extra day in this town, I went to see the public market"
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-my pagnapagna-
(September 17, 2016 a Saturday)

After meeting with the Kaparkan falls tour coordinator, from the hotel where I checked in, I rode a tricycle going to their public market (around 10 o'clock in the morning). 
The tricycle dropped me at the back of their market. It was where most of the tricycles and other vehicles were parked. I went inside the compound and walked my way going to the front of the market.

Lots of tricycles were also parked and waiting for passengers at the front. I can see the sign at the facade of the building says "Bangued Central Market".
With my point-n-shoot camera, I went inside the building and started taking videos. 
Most of the stalls at the front were of general merchandise from shoes, shirts and the likes. Going further, at the left side was the meat and fish section then towards the end were stalls again with some fruit stands fronting them.
At the back of the main building was a wide open area were different kinds of vegetables and other agricultural products were being sold. Most of them were selling just under the shade of a beach umbrella. I can see at the distance was where I entered the compound earlier.
I went back to the facade area and after buying some necessary things for my extended stay, I rode a tricycle going to the San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine.

-end of pagnapagna-

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